HSE Engineer (JO014237) Qingdao Shi, China

Terms & Conditions

  • Rotation 8/2, 6 working days per week
  • Logistic and Admin assistance while in China
  • Contract Duration : 1 year
  • Accommodation arranged in China
  • Lunch provided at site
  • Transportation while in China
  • Premium international insurance provided


  • This employee reports to a representative on a module fabrication site and is responsible for supervision over subcontractor’s HSE activities to ensure the requirements of Contractor and Contract are met.
  • Develops and provides HSE training decks for Project upon request.
  • Ensures that HSE standards are met at all module fabrication sites.
  • Provides recommendations and support to HSE personnel on site.
  • This employee is also responsible for daily supervision and recommendations to HSE consultants on Project modules fabrication site.
  • Responsible for introduction of lessons learned

Minimum Requirements

  • Good command of written and oral English.
  • Capability to influence people and make them comply with the Company’s key HSE values.
  • Self-disciplined, proactive, result-oriented.
  • Team playing experience.
  • Active and proactive.
  • Perfect communication skills, prowess to build relations with contractors.
  • Well-organized and disciplined work approach.
  • Perfect skills in oral and written English.