Nuclear Safety Engineer - Nuclear Profiles Only (JO014435) Finland

Scope (including main skills):

The scope of work of the candidate within the team is defined by (but not limited to) the following:

Develop the nuclear safety culture of the client and consortium teams and their contractors at all phases of the project:

  • Draft safety messages,
  • Design and provide trainings,
  • Value experience feedback,
  • Collect weak signals and include them in databases,
  • Review events and weak signals and propose preventive actions,
  • Ensure interface with WANO and OSART for nuclear safety matters,
  • Review and assess nuclear safety culture, define and implement actions where appropriate 

Provide nuclear safety support and recommendations for the safe performance of the activities of the client and consortium teams (engineering, commissioning, operation, maintenance, scheduling, radiation protection, HSE…):

  • Review processes,
  • Support performance or modification of commissioning tests,
  • Support performance or scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance,
  • Support design change requests,
  • Support overall scheduling of activities,
  • Participate to start-up committee reviews,
  • Support performance of risk assessments,
  • Support assessments for technical specifications deviations or change proposals,

To perform those tasks, the suitable candidate shall show sufficient proficiency in the following:

Essential skills:

  • Good command of technical English (written and spoken),
  • Pressurized Water Reactor knowledge (general description, main process systems, operation modes…),
  • At least 10 years of practical experience in the nuclear industry among which 5 years at least on nuclear power plants,
  • Practical experience in risk assessment activities,
  • Practical knowledge of nuclear safety regulations and guidelines,
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of Nuclear Safety Culture (IAEA INSAG 4 publication, WANO key organizational parameters),
  • Practical experience of root cause analysis,
  • Practical experience of corrective and preventive actions proposals, and follow-up of action plans,
  • Good command of MS Office software (Word, Powerpoint, Excel).

Desired skills:

  • Good command of French and / or Finnish (written and spoken),
  • Practical experience of large-scale projects in international environments,
  • Practical experience of commissioning or start-up of nuclear facilities,
  • Practical experience in technical specifications use and interpretation,
  • Practical experience in regulator interface,
  • Knowledge of practical tools for the development of nuclear safety culture,
  • General knowledge of human factors methodology,
  • Practical experience of in-field observation and reporting,
  • Practical experience in the design and / or performance of training sessions,
  • Practical experience in the design of written communication (e.g. safety messages),
  • practical experience of working group leading.