Equipment Supervisor (Nuclear) (J940033) Finland

We are currently looking for an Equipment Supervisor for a nuclear power plant:

Terms and Conditions:

Job Location               

Eurajoki, Finland

Contract Duration

12 months

Type of Assignment                

Contract hire – Resident

Work Schedule            

5 days per week  

Shift work required : morning shift / afternoon shift





Medical Coverage       


Mob/Demob Tickets    


 Roles and Responsibiltities

Monitor Equipment and pump contractors on site during the outage to ensure performance of each work order in due time following the applicable safety rules.

To prepare the activities before the work order (WO) gets released by Permit to Work Office (PTW) :

  • Check spare part availability
  • Perform site walks and solve blocking in advance (confine space permit request, RTZ, scaffold...)
  • Perform Foreign material exclusion (FME) assessment
    Once the WO is released:
  • To pick up the WO in PTW
  • To Perform precise safety and technical pre-job briefing with associated teams
  • To support the teams with technical expertise and guidance on Equipment and Pumps topics
  • Solve blockings
  • To monitor the performance of the Equipment and Pumps work safely (first priority) and in due time.

o To ensure maximum safety of the persons, equipment, systems

  • Confirm that the blockings are in place
  • Make sure that the WO are strictly followed
  • Stop the work in case of risk
  • Respect FME rules
  • Respect Housekeeping rules
  • To follow quality requirements
  • To alert in due time difficulties
  • To report in due time the progress of the work
  • To return the WO to PTW when the job is done
  • To return to spare part team the additional spare parts

The person in charge will report directly to the Equipment and Pumps Leader.