Outage Equipment Supervisor (J849204) Finland

We are currently looking for an Outage Equipment Supervisor  for a nuclear power plant:


Terms and Conditions:

Job Location               

Eurajoki, Finland

Contract Duration

10 months

Type of Assignment                

Contract hire – Resident

Work Schedule            

5 days per week  

Might be required to work on shifts - Morning Shifts and Afternoon shifts





Medical Coverage       


Mob/Demob Tickets    



To prepare the activities before the work order (WO) gets released by Permit to Work Office (PTW) :

  • Check spare part availability
  • Perform site walks and solve blocking in advance (confine space permit request, RTZ, scaffold...)
  • Perform Foreign material exclusion (FME) assessment
    Once the WO is released:
  • To pick up the WO in PTW
  • To Perform pre-job briefing with associated teams
  • To support the teams with technical expertise and guidance on valve topics
  • To monitor the performance of the valve work safely (first priority) and in due time. o To ensure maximum safety of the persons, equipment, systems
  • Confirm that the blockings are in place
  • Make sure that the WO are strictly followed
  • Stop the work in case of risk
  • Respect FME rules
  • Respect Housekeeping rules
  • To follow quality requirements
  • To alert in due time difficulties
  • To report in due time the progress of the work
  • To return the WO to PTW when the job is done
  • To return to spare part team the additional spare parts