Interpreter (Translation English to Korean) (J98271093) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We are currently looking for a team of Interpreter (Translation English to Korean), for the Barakah Project.

Terms and Conditions:

Job Location               

Barakah BNPP Site

Contract Duration        

1 Year (Extendable)

Starting date

September 2019

Work Schedule            

Resident Status (for 5 days/week); 40 hours per week


Single Accommodation provided


Provided at the site

Medical Coverage       

Provided by MPH

Mob/Demob Tickets    

Provided by MPH in economy class


Paid by MPH monthly and lump-sum (tax free)


Provided by MPH


Not provided

Vacation flight ticket   

Can be provided  

Annual leave

30 Calendar days

Minimum Requirements

  1. Experience : More than 2years
  2. Certification: IELTS 7.0 or above, or NET 5 or above, CEFR C1 or above
  3. Qualification : TOEIC Speaking 180 or above