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H3SE Lead Engineer

H3SE Lead Engineer (20/02/2024) Paris, France

We are looking for a H3SE LEAD ENGINEER  for one of our clients with the following details:  

Service Location: FRANCE / Paris area then OMAN / Muscat

Service Status: Resident

Start Date: Q1 2024

Estimated Service Duration: 12 months (renewable)


Professional Experience: +10 (incl. experience in Middle East as a preference)

Experience in similar position (years): +5 (or in management major international construction contracts)

Education Level / Diploma: Engineer

Languages: English (mandatory) and French (+)



  • To adopt and to demonstrate an exemplary behaviour with regard to Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy and H3SE rules and regulations.
  • To ensure promotion, implementation and achievement by Package Managers of the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy, Project Safety Culture and H3SE policy, rules and regulations.
  • To ensure that the Contractor H3SE Management System is fully developed, established and maintained in compliance with the contractual requirements, and is in particular in line with Contract Exhibit L.
  • To review and approve, as necessary, H3SE management related documents (procedures, plans, risk assessments, incentive scheme...) issued by the Contractors and Suppliers and to raise the necessary comments.
  • To be aware on updates of Company Referential (CR, GS, and GM), international standards related to his area of responsibility, taking knowledge from them to application to the Project.
  • To update the Company Project’s HSE Management plan and draft/update associated policies, procedures and plans.
  • To implement and maintain a proper H3SE reporting system and to follow Contractors’ H3SE activities through their reporting and that of HSE Superintendents.
  • To consolidate overall project’s Internal HSE weekly reports and to issue overall project’s HSE weekly / monthly H3SE Reports at management level.
  • To ensure adequate and timely reporting to Package Managers and Project H3SE Manager.
  • To assist the Package Managers in anticipating and planning the H3SE organization, means and resources for the performance of H3SE activities.
  • To ensure promotion, implementation and achievement of the Project H3SE Management System (Policies, Plans and Procedures) at Package level and participate, as required, in its update.
  • To participate, as required, in the performance of H3SE reviews.
  • To liaise actively with Project H3SE Manager in order to keep track of changes related to H3SE policy and plans, in regulations, standards or Company rules and inform the Management and team on their impact on the H3SE activities.
  • To inform the Project H3SE Manager of the need of changes in Project H3SE Plans or Procedures.
  • To develop, as required, additional H3SE procedures/instructions at Package level.
  • To participate to Kick Off Meetings with Contractor/Subcontractors, to regular H3SE and/or Progress meetings, and/or specific H3SE meetings, and, as required, to H3SE meetings on site/yard...
  • To regularly participate to H3SE audits / visits / tours.
  • To participate in investigations of significant H3SE anomalies, incidents or accidents
  • To review, as necessary, associated audit reports and to follow-up implementation of relevant corrective action plans.
  • To ensure the follow-up of H3SE indicators (KPI's) and tracking of anomalies, incidents, accidents performed by the Contractors.
  • To liaise with Package Managers wrt to H3SE areas of concerns, problems encountered in the implementation of H3SE both by Company teams and Contractors.
  • To organise and chair Package H3SE Committees and other Package HSE events.
  • To ensure that Project personnel have the required HSE competencies and that HSE trainings are performed as planned.
  • To ensure confidentiality of all the documentation issued under his area of responsibility.
  • To support H3SE Manager on Project execution phase preparation before being assigned on site.

If Interested Kindly apply.