Safety Leader (JO013666) Thailand

Location: Hat Yai, Thailand
Status: Resident / Single
Starting Date: ASAP
Duration: 1 Year
Transport: Not Provided
Living Allowance: Provided
Medical Insurance: Provided

Education: Occupational & Safety

Safety induction for new comer at site.
To formalize the main safety rules to be implemented at site.
To conduct regular safety audit on the construction site.
To put in place and animate safety toolbox and safety talk.
To put in place incentives for safety behavior and achievement.
To record abnormal situation and deviation. To implement corrective action.
To define and implement indicators.
To issue periodic reporting.
Analyzes the gaps on safety practice, builds and manages corrective action plans.
Assesses, or leads the assessment, of safety risks at the work post level.
Integrates the regulatory requirements into the site documentation system and verifies their
Drives the implementation of protection and prevention means to ensure risk control at the work
post level.
Analyze Methode statement.
Elavuate and cover any risks for activities. In charge of commenting and signing working permits
and any authorization.
Develops staff awareness and training programs.
In the early stages of site projects, provides information about the requirements relating to risk
control in the field of safety.
Ensures that all information required to define medical surveillance protocols is made available.
Analyzes incidents and accidents in his/her area of responsibility, assure corrective action plans
are established and carried out.
Manages the administrative aspect of accident and occupational diseases.
Develops the necessary control and emergency plans.
Gives technical and operational support.
Contributes to capitalizing experience.
Intervenes as an expert in the relations with social partners and external bodies.
Reports or implements good practices.
Alerts the CSM to any persistent and serious risk situation. Proposes required corrective actions.