Civil Supervisor (18/09/2023) Brunei

Salary: GBP1 - GBP2 per annum

Mph is recruiting a civil supervisor
Contract duration : 17 Months - Rotational
Location : Brunei


Important: This document only serves as a minimum guideline or referential document. It may not capture all the roles and responsibilities of the job holder

• The civil works supervisor:
o is detail-oriented and has extensive knowledge in equipment foundations and building codes, as well as construction and safety rules, can interpret construction plans, and carry out quality controls.
o possesses good leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
• He or she ensures that the design of new or modified facilities complies with TotalEnergies specifications, codes, and standards for the project.
• He or she will advise and assist the CSR OPP in managing and controlling contractor’s man-hours and construction progress to meet project objectives.
• He or she will also provide technical support and guidance to the project team for civil works topics.
• He or she will follow HSE rules and ensure that they are always followed, will report any irregularities.


• Enforce Safety Requirements, Health, Safety & Environmental Plans, Safety Initiatives and HSE Communications to ensure these documents are reviewed, shared and understood by the contractor’s workforce
• Inspect civil works progress and perform quality controls of buildings and equipment foundations at construction sites to verify codes and other specification requirements are met.
• Ensure that the permit to work, procedures and mitigation measures are in place prior to start the work
• Witness, inspect and maintain on sites surveillance checks on contractors work in accordance with the site quality plan requirements, and agreed ITP’s
• Ensure that contractors record all quality control checks, and that all quality documentation is available.
• Providing proactive leadership and direction to the construction contractor workforce to ensure that standards of quality, safety, security, and environmental compliance are developed and consistently maintained.
• Provide technical support to fix issues encountered during construction and pre-com phases.
• Participating in construction conference calls and meetings
• To provide daily updates about contractor activities and issue daily reports.
Context and environment
The Maharaja Lela Jamalulalam field (MLJ) is a mature asset with declining production which would reach its technical cutoff date in 2028 if nothing is done. The installation of an LP compressor in OPP (Onshore Processing Plant) is a key project for the future of the field as it would allow to extend the field life up to nearly the end of license (2039) unlocking associated reserves.
This brownfield project will be executed almost exclusively in SIMOPS within OPP perimeter. The remaining work being performed outside OPP for laying a cable alongside a public road until a switchyard of the local energy supplier.
Responsible for monitoring progress of civil works performed by contractor.
Ensuring the construction activities are to the required technical quality, fit for purpose and safe and complies with the appropriate specifications, codes and standards.

Qualifications/Experience required
• Professional Experience: minimum 15 years in the civil works an experience in oil and gas is a plus.
• Experience in an international environment is preferred.
• Fluency in English.
• Capable of handling the relevant IT tools (Office pack…).
Qualifications: university or regional college studies within civil works
Other Observations
Assignment based on OPP site, Lumut Brunei within EPC Contractors premises.