Project Administrator (TW4) Rugby, England

Salary: GBP15 - GBP15 per hour

Job Purpose
Organize, coordinate and control the general administration of large projects, including planning and projects scheduling, cost control and administrative tasks. Ensure the implementation of strategies to plan and accomplish project goals. Coordinates interaction between project team and support functions (Controllership, Human Resources, Legal, Environment, Health & Safety, Operations, Security and Procurement). Advices the project staff by facilitating project communication activities (project reports, meetings, performance reporting and team building workshops).

  • Coordinate the creation of the project master schedule as a key role to integrate, establishing commitments with project team for worldwide large projects. Participate actively in schedule follow up to verify and control time performance and deliver alarms if a change in strategy has to be done.
  • Organize project team to ensure for large projects a detailed project budget and to breakdown related project scope accordingly. Ensure a close cost control and monitoring of all commitments/expenses related to the project and analysing variation cost and change control procedures to advice cost decision making process.
  • Organize and develop report project administration for large projects, including scope control, budget control, cash flow, time schedule, permits manage, environment, health & safety procedures, opportunities and general administration complying with projects objectives.
  • Ensure application in large projects with Environment, Health & Safety standards and procedures to promote a zero accidents project and full compliance with local environment regulations.
  • Propose and establish project administrative infrastructure to support project execution such as project premises, office equipment and supplies, IT infrastructure, project facilities, transport and lodging, in compliance with company standards and established criteria. Ensure the compliance of human resource policies and standards within the project team members.
  • Follow up compliance of services agreement between Global Operations & technical and local operation for scope, time and cost for large projects execution according with feasibility study scope and approved budget.
  • Organize and coordinate activities of project payments with comptrollership in order to ensure an opportune payment process and follow up payment performance among vendors and suppliers.
  • Follow up compliance of project agreements/contracts between company and vendors in order to avoid any disruption of legal environment for company in local country.
  • Organize, coordinate and follow up the management documents of the project to ensure a correct use and administration of technical/legal/administrative information during the life cycle for the projects.
  • Perform random audits for project execution between in order to ensure the fulfil compliance with company standards for large project administration.

Decision making - Ensure the correct project administration trough the fulfil compliance with guidelines and standards for large projects investments worldwide / Perform a close scope control, budget control and schedule follow up for large project in order to ensure projects objectives / Perform worldwide audits for project execution in order to verify the fulfil accomplishment guidelines for project administration. 

Challenges of the position - To establish the optimal project administration process in terms of cost, quality and delivery time, ensuring compliance of all projects with criteria / To ensure smooth coordination between project team and support functions interacting with the project as well as the complete knowledge about project administration procedures / Consolidate project information and assure a correct administration and hand over to client.

Level of Education
 - Bachelor degree / Master degree technical/ administrative (desirable)

Area of Study
 - Administration / Architecture / Public Accountant / Civil Engineer / Engineer / Project Administration

Knowledge of PC Programmes
 - Word / Excel /PowerPoint / Ms Project, SAP, Prochain (Desirable)

 - Project management (planning and control) / Cement, ready mix or aggregates experience (desirable) / Working in a global environment or multicultural enterprises, including tangible evidence of delivering significant business improvement value.

Technical Knowledge
 - Deep knowledge of project scheduling and control tools and their application / Deep knowledge of project budgeting and cost control techniques / Understands and applies principles of cost accounting / Knowledge of the cement/concrete production process / Understands the company’s business strategy / Knowledgeable of project scope requirements and is able to identify changes and variations / Workable knowledge of inventory control and management / Understands right time concept.

Interpersonal skills 
- The leadership, communication, and collaboration skills to establish planning and control as a trusted, credible discipline within project / Development of public relations with local Government and associations / Team player – works well with others and is able to collaborate across regions and functions / Communicates effectively, persuasive speaker and a good listener / Can deal effectively with people who hold opposing views, tolerates conflicts and ambiguity.