ENGINEER MARINE COMBAT SYSTEM (17/01/2022) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Salary: GBP1 - GBP2 per annum

The Engineer Marine Combat Systems provides technical guidance and assistance in the planning, design, maintenance, repair and alteration of shipboard combat and weapons systems regarding F2000, F3000 & LRT class ships.

He provides specialized technical support to combat systems / electronic division, other SRF departments, particularly in the field of alterations, modifications, systems test and integration of weapons systems.


  • Provides weapon systems engineering guidance and assistance in the maintenance and repair of weapon systems aboard RSNF ships,
  • Provides weapon systems engineering services for related shore facilities and equipment,
  • Performs technical, design and engineering services in the general field of weapons systems,
  • Participates in developing technical recommendations for proposed alterations, modifications and field changes to weapon systems,
  • Participates to prepare RAV, IMA, ROH,
  • Participates in procedures for alignment and checkout of the weapon systems and electronic-weapon interface,
  • Reviews and maintains Maintenance Requirement Cards for weapon systems / equipment and makes recommendations for necessary changes,
  • Ensures that current configuration of weapon systems / equipment is maintained in accordance with established policy,
  • Assists and participates in the evaluation of work report and the preparation of other reports involving weapon systems equipment. Participates in inspections and field tests requested by RSNF / SRF,
  • Provides technical expertise to RSNF / SRF as requested.