Senior Marine & Electrical Engineer (1-14-22) Saudi Arabia


Senior Marine & Electrical Engineer -

Candidate will be also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Planned Maintenance Program for the French-built SAWARI 2 Classes of ships. systems/equipment supported are both classified and unclassified. Specific tasks include,

Development of PMS-related documentation for codifications/upgrades to existing equipment systems; Updating and maintaining currency of Class Maintenance Plans; Assessment of the effectiveness of SAWARI 1 Ships PMS Programs; and Identifying trends in maintenance

effectiveness/ equipment reliability and making recommendations for enhancing availability_

The incumbent must be able to impart the duties and responsibilities of the position to designated RSNF personnel.



Satifactory completion of physical and dental examinations.

Be able to speak, write and understand English and French.

' Possess a valid driver's license from country of origin. No physical handicaps or limitations which would prevent occasional visits and work in confined areas of lower deck spaces in ships.



At least 05 years of progressively more responsible professional work experience in maintenance, test, and design of shipboard mechanical and electrical systems including automation, hydraulics, computer aided control, and damage control systems. Varied experience in these areas is particularly desirable, also 05 years experiance in planned maintenance or related integrated logistics support position. Experience in the production of Planned Maintenance documents utilizing a computer-assisted program is desired.

Computer proficiency Must have experience in the us common office and business software applications, to ii word processing, database, spreadsheet, and project management



Minimum of a Baccalaureate (4 year) degree in Marine, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering is required


Provide mechanical and electrical engineering guidance and assistance in the maintenance of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and computer control systems aboard the F3000 and F3000TS ships_ Provide engineering services for shipboard mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and computer aided control systems and related shore facilities. Lead./ participate in conducting technical assessments and developing technical recommendations for proposed alterations, modifications, and field changes to F3000 and F3000 TS mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment.

Ensure that the configuration of F3000 and F3000TS mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and computer control equipment is maintained in accordance with established policy.

Lead and participate in establishing procedures for alignment and check-out of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment interfaces.

Assist in the development of preventative maintenance practices for the F3000 and F3000TS. Review Maintenance Requirements Cards (MRCs) for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment and make recommendations for necessary changes. Assist and participate in the evaluation of completed work reports and in the preparation of other reports involving mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and computer control equipment.

Participate in periodic inspections and field tests.

Participate in the conduct of technical assessments of deficienies identified in SAWARI 2 and other RSNF ships/systems/ equipment, as directed .Perform other duties as assigned.

Also will be responsible for Update Planned Maintenance documentation to reflect modifications made during ROH/RAV periods or installation of new equipment/systems, Verify /update related logistics support documentation to ensure the SAWARII planned maintenance is fully supported, Develop original Planned Maintenance documentation to ensure the optimum performance of newly installed equipment and systems of SAWARIl ships, Provide detailed planned maintenance data in the approved RSNF format for entry into the computer-assisted maintenance program and Participate with ships forces in validating the developed Planned Maintenance procedures and implementing any necessary amendment actions.

The RSNF may designate this billet as a training billet. Should this occur, the incumbent will be required to impart his knowledge of duties and responsibilities in such a manner as to permit assimilation on the part of the RSNF trainee.