Naval Architect (14-1-22) Saudi Arabia


The mission of RDC is to provide technical support to the Director, Engineering Support and Research Department, in the acquisition and maintenance of ships and ship equipment. This maintenance includes repair, overhaul, and modernization. In addition to providing technical input on hardware RDC also provides long range maintenance planning and ensures that all necessary elements of support are suitably revised as changes are made to the hardware. Work is conducted primarily in an office with occasional visits to ships and repair yards required. The results of RDC studies are provided to those assigning tasks as reports, letters and directives.

The incumbent should be able to impart to designated RSNF personnel the unique characteristics of the position.



Supervises engineering analysys, modification of design on marine craft configuration, structure, propulsive devices, control surfaces, coatings and integrated performance related to stability, seakeeping, water tightness, and speed.

Supervises preparation of specifications for conceptual and detail design of new marine craft or the alteration / repair of existing vessels when modification affects integrated vessel performance, general arrangement, propulsive devices, control surfaces, coatings, or structure.

Prepare perfomiance calculations and design studies to develop conceptual and detail plans for new construction or alterations described in specifications.

Accomplish technical analyses of existing marine craft integrated performance with respect to speed, stability, watertight integrity and stability; prepares and conducts inclining experiments, maneuvering trials, speed trials and instrumented experiments to verify marine craft characteristics and performance.

Provide technical guidance and assistance in the maintenance, repair, and preservation of ship and craft hulls, tanks, and underwater appendages.

Reviews hull inspections of dry-docked and waterborne ships and craft, and reviews condition reports and recommendations.

Develops recommendations for operation of marine craft to improve integrated ship performance, or to comply with new regulations standards of safety related to stability or seaworthiness.

Provides electronics engineering guidance and assistance in the maintenance of electronics and combat systems aboard the F3000 and F3000TS.

Provides electronics engineering services for related shore and communications facilities and equipment.

Leads/participates in conducting technical assessments and developing recommendations for proposed alterations, modifications and field changes to F3000 and F3000TS electronics equipment.

Participates in procedures for alignment and check-out of the electronics-weapons interface.


This position requires a professional understanding of Naval Architecture such as can be obtained through four years of college level education in Naval Architecture. Baccalaureate degree required. Master's degree in related discipline is desirable.


Progressively responsible positions in Naval Architectural design over a period of at least fifteen years, preferably with an emphasis in conversion and repair of naval vessels. At least five years shall be in a supervisory position.