Electrical Engineer (11/05/2021) France

Salary: GBP1 - GBP2 per month



Engineering activities for the management of the electrical part of the WTG (Wind Turbine) and FOU (Foundation) package, its interfaces and associated design activities.


During commissioning phase, in charge of supervision of the electrical commissioning activities for the electrical component of the WTG and FOU package. Secure progress, and quality of commissioning activities, ensuring that works and deliverables comply with the required HSE, costs, quality & schedule.

Ensure that the technical departments' best practices are implemented




Electrical Design :

  • Compliance review of design standards, norms, state of the art, good engineering and industry practices, lessons learnt from other similar projects
  • Review and validation of electrical design basis
  • Management and follow-up of in-house and third party electrical detailed Design
  • Interfaces design with other packages (sizing of electrical equipment)
  • Interface with relevant project members
  • Contractors Follow up
  • Ensure required commissioning procedures and in particular for offshore tests, NCR, taking over installation and handover to O&M activities are produced,
  • Review and comment WTG and FOU contractor’s commissioning documentation and challenge the proposed commissioning plan and procedures,
  • Participate in all relevant reviews such as early HAZOPs, HAZIDs, technical reviews, planning, organization, contract, etc.)


 Electrical commissioning :

  • Ensure 0 harm HSE policy ; Deep involvement in HSE on a daily basis,
  • Review the WTG Contractor’s Commissioning Plan and associated procedures to coordinate the commissioning activities related to electrical activities,
  • Ensure that the commissioning activities are carried out according to the contracts and optimized with regards to time, costs & QHSE,
  • Ensure human resources, services and tools required to perform the work have been identified and are mobilized on due time by the WTG and FOU contractors,
  • Instruct and coordinate on-site inspections,
  • Participate actively in interfaces management with other parties,
  • Participate actively in the HSE and Quality aspects regarding commissioning activities and risk assessment and reviews and provide recommendations to the project regarding risks and opportunities related to the commissioning activities,
  • Ensure reporting to the WTG and FOU Package Technical Leads and Commissioning Manager regarding the commissioning activities,
  • Ensure internal lessons learnt sessions are performed and actions are implemented in order to optimize the commissioning,
  • Be familiar with the specific WTG and FOU contracts clauses relative to or potentially impacting the commissioning activities.