Supply Chain Expert (20-09-21) Finland

Job duties:

  • Develop and approve supply plans
  • Prepare expenditure contracts in accordance with the requirements of the revenue contract, arrange procurement procedures
  • Analyze contractual obligations (related to supply of equipment and performance of works) of Client's counter parts involved in the project
  • Monitor supply plans fulfillment progress by milestones (approval of system requirements specifications (hereinafter SRS), appointment of authorized organizations, coordination of quality plans, etc.)
  • Interact with Client counter parties in terms of deadline management
  • Supervise progress of equipment manufacturing at manufacturer sites
  • Participate in audits of Client counter parties involved in the project
  • Execution of the contractual obligations related to purchasing from the moment of their occurrence until termination on the grounds established by law, as well as responsibility for the organization of all the necessary activity for execution of the contracts.Creating and updating the supplier database in the project.
  • Arrangement and control over regular reports of the suppliers (contractors) on execution of the concluded contracts. Preparing reports on procurement status (including the scheduled procurements).
  • Establishing the need for audits of suppliers and its submission to the quality assurance department.
  • Initiating and ensuring conclusion of supplementary agreements to expenditure contracts related to the adjustment of the scope, cost and time schedules of equipment supplies, as well as any other additional agreements under expenditure contracts.
  • Communication with suppliers in accordance with the current procedures on the project.