This position is no longer open for applications

HSE Methods Coordinator

HSE Methods Coordinator (JO12345) France

Salary: USD5000 - USD6000 per annum

Accountable to issue HSE procedures and templates based on Company procedures.

           Perform HSE training for Solar Construction, O&M teams,

           Develop internal HSE training, if necessary, based on electricity scope, especially on PV, and DC electrical risks,

           Ensure proper HSE training of Company staff, organize HSE promotion events such as World Day for Safety & Environment.

           Collect relevant information and report HSE data.

           Responsible for the HSE reporting, REX communication and collect best practices among REN community.



HSE Programs

           Deploy and maintain Company HSE programs within all Renewables’ entities, especially:

-       HSE Awards system

-       HSE training for new arrivals (Safety Pass)

-       HSE communication: Sharepoint HSE, institutional emails, videos, etc. intended for internal staff and/or partner companies

-       Others as needed

      Depending on priorities, and particularly for subjects presenting synergies between the subdivisions, develop elements of the HSE management system, define the methods and processes to implement, write the corresponding documentation, train the  people concerned.

      Manage the selection or creation of digital tools supporting HSE programs or processes, their adaptation to activities, their deployment and continuous improvement.

           Conduct or diligent HSE audits, analyze the results to create improvement plans

HSE Training

      Ensure the operation of the HSE training process for organic staff within REN, in conjunction with the affiliates/regions HSE Managers and with involvement adapted to each Division.

           Ensure the administrative interface with the Human Resources department (planning, registrations, retraining, etc.).

           Develop HSE training materials.

           Provide HSE training.


           Coordinate the management of PPE for the CBX scope:

-       Define suppliers and an approved PPE catalog,

-       Guarantee a supply mechanism,

-       Monitor PPE stocks including annual inspections.

           Provide assistance in these areas to the rest of the Renewables Direction, as requested.

Emergency plan

-       Establish and update the central emergency plan of the Renewables Direction (including the organizational structure, alert transmission systems, material and digital equipment, training), consistent with the GRP and the Company’s management plans.

-       Support affiliates/regions in establishing their emergency plans and ensuring general consistency.

-       Organize regular crisis management exercises.

-       Write prevention plans for the intervention of external companies on the company's premises (CBX scope).

           Organize events for World Safety Day and World Environment Day.

           Contribute to monthly HSE reporting, site inspections, management system audits.