Senior Projects Cost Controller (20/11/2023) Doha, Qatar

We are looking for a Senior Projects Cost Controller for one of our clients with the following details:

Location: Doha

Doha Logistics allowance: SINGLE status

Mob date: 01-JAN-2024

Demob date: 31-DEC-2025

Resignation: 2 months' notice period

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Degree in Economics or equivalent
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in similar activities for Oil & Gas projects.
  • Advanced knowledge & experience in use of relevant computer systems (SAP, BW, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Power Query, Power BI)
  • Fluency in English


In conformity with the guidelines, timeframes, and practices of the company’s Finance & Cost Control:

  • Should be responsible for the running cost model's development and ongoing improvement.
  • To prepare/revise and distribute the cost centre’s comprehensive budgets.
  • In-charge of the project's cost reporting, monitoring of allotted expenses, time tracking, and monitoring of the activities involved in processing invoices and their associated KPI reports.
  • Master Control Estimate/Current Control Estimate (MCE/CCE) development and maintenance


  • To promote and adhere to applicable safety guidelines and other company’s HSE policies in all activities.
  • To carry out work in compliance with Company values and policies, relevant laws and regulations, agreed Company priorities and objectives, Company standards and procedures and good industry practices
  • To treat all information obtained during course of the work with confidentiality


  • To support in preparation of Contract documents and provide challenge to the commercial and reimbursable terms, ensure CBS is aligned with WBS.
  • To liaise with VP, Project managers and B&D entity to review Cost Estimate based on benchmark data
  • To support in preparing project CAPEX for Final Investment Decision


  • To prepare for review of the annual detailed budget and revisions by consulting with various internal entities and adhering to the finance department's prescribed the company’s budget standard format.
  • Accountable for the presentation and for providing the necessary defense of the budget performance
  • To control the amount of money available for each commitment
  • To maintain budgetary discipline, highlight current trends, and explain differences between forecasts and budgets
  • To create a record of all commitments, expenditures incurred, and forecasted expenditures for all contracts and purchase orders controlled by Major Projects; to update, monitor, and regulate this register.
  • To carry out particular Cost Analysis
  • To contribute to the PALM system as needed with respect to commitments, payment schedules, invoicing, time sheets, and cost control issues.
  • With Project Control and the training department, review the MP training matrix and make sure that training is given as needed.


  • To prepare the monthly closure and ensure that accruals made in the PALM system are consistent with the status of the current project(s)
  • To compile the required documentation for compliance with accruals.

Cost reporting:

  • To timely provide project management with a complete internal cost report (including Trends, Areas of Concern, Budget Variance Analysis, Commitment/Expenditure Figures, Forecast at Completion, TW, AK Follow Up, etc.) with comments.
  • To make sure that all information about project expenditures, contracts, budgets, cash flows, forecasts, etc. is accurate and auditable.
  • To act as the interface with the company’s Finance entity and provide them with data for incorporation in corporate financial documents
  • To supervise the contractors and suppliers cost control activities


  • To put in place an effective billing procedure between the various project locations
  • To keep track of invoices and work with the company Accounting to ensure prompt payment of invoices
  • Setting up and enhancing the CDS mechanism.


  • To promote cost consciousness within the entity
  • To ensure confidentially is being kept as per sensitive data
  • To liaise with internal and external auditors for cost justification
  • To prepare the required cost recovery related documentation
  • To liaise actively with the company Finance entity for all matters related to cost and accounting as required (Commitments, invoice processing and payment, accruals, payment claims and disputes...)
  • To prepare commercial close out of each contract and archive all financial documentation as per company guidelines, for the MP costs center
  • To carry out any other duties or tasks that may be assigned by hierarchical superiors

If Interested Kindly apply.