Transmission Asset Management (JO015115) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Salary: USD9000 - USD10000 per month

Industry: Power Generation

City/Country: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Title: Asset Management Manager

Division: Transmission and Distribution

Function: Asset Management

Basic Purpose of the role:

To lead the development and implementation of asset management strategies, policies, and programs to achieve optimal return on investment, operational excellence, maximize the performance and continuous value creation whilst successfully meeting key stakeholder expectations.

Key Responsibilities of the role:


Asset Management

  • Ensure optimum operating conditions are maintained for the asset in coordination with the suppliers and customers.
  • Direct the budgeting of COMPANY projects, ensuring that adequate provision is made for all budget and capex/opex plans, monitoring and controlling expenditure against approved budget and reconciling variances to ensure on-target performance against budgets.
  • Observe and report on the asset’s business strength and performance indicators; monitor the impact on cash flow and financial resources and ensure that areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified, rectified, and potential areas of cost reduction or performance improvement opportunities are capitalized upon to facilitate achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Oversee and continuously monitor financial and operational performance, to ensure delivery of defined scorecard targets.
  • Lead the effective review and maintenance of the commercial model; to identify risks and determine impact to cash flow forecasts including hedging options.
  • Manage the analysis and resolution of issues derived from the financial performance of the specific projects to be aware of costs and financial KPI’s associated with the projects.
  • Review and understand the financial management, contracts and agreements of the asset and their related obligations to manage and control the assets effectively and in the best interests of New Co.
  • Review the progress of the projects measured against the project plan and develop lessons learnt, to ensure compliance with set standards and agreements and manage any delays.
  • Lead and direct the effective establishment of a governance framework to assure achievement of business operations in line with the overall strategy.
  • Manage Operating Companies (OpCo) governance across all key business functions, supporting required case reviews and approvals.
  • Lead and direct all relevant COMPANY Asset Management initiatives to ensure successful achievement of all strategic KPIs and key stakeholder expectations.
  • Ensure the provision of support to transmission special projects, including readiness for nuclear and PV integration and key interconnection projects.
  • Ensure readiness of the transmission system for the integration of renewable energies and new trading partners to enable interconnection and value realization.
  • Ensure the provision of support to fuel efficiency initiatives in coordination with the single buyer and system operations to ensure the successful achievement of set goals and objectives.
  • Provide overall direction for all Transmission special projects and interconnection projects to ensure their successful execution and achievement of key objectives.
  • Ensure effective collaboration with finance business partners and other business partners such as Human Capital, Legal and Supply Chain to achieve strategic KPIs on commercial and revenue management.
  • Lead and direct the conducting of benchmarks and strategic analysis to identify and launch strategic projects that can unlock value from the assets.

New Opportunities

  • Drive the identification of required enhancements to existing projects and support in evaluation of project economics and cash flows for new opportunities, including sensitivity analysis of different scenarios their selections methods and the alternative execution options.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on review/evaluation of asset expansion and modification, as well as asset optimization.


  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners and all relevant external/internal entities with highest standards of business ethics, in-order to improve business outcomes whilst protecting New Co’s business interests.
  • Work closely and collaborate with the single buyer to jointly plan the generation and transmission capacity to optimize total system cost.
  • Provide expertise and support other functions within Transmission & Distribution to evaluate, define and secure the optimum market position and prices for New Co’s assets including analysis of alternative tariff, different pricing arrangements, product and feedstock market assessments and development of pricing forecasts and future economic scenarios based on ground realities.
  • Manage the identification of operational synergies and shape collaboration across operating companies (OpCos) on investments to optimize cost and performance.
  • Direct the development and maintenance of a comprehensive market database for traders, buyers, quality specifications and volumes.

Qualifications, Certifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Process Engineering, Economics, or any related field.
  • 12 years of relevant experience in Asset Management