QC As-Built Documentation Package Preparation and Control (JO014249) China

Our Client is looking for a QC Group Expert / As-Built Documentation Package Preparation and Control for the module’s fabrication phase of ARCTIC LNG 2 PROJECT (JV between Novatek and Total) for the below terms and conditions

Location: China

Status : Rotation 8 weeks on / 2 weeks off

Duration : 1 year extendable

Accommodation and Transportation : Provided

Meals : Provided

Mob/Demob Ticket: Provided

Medical Insurance: Provided


Job Description:

  • Support Contractor / Subcontractor to establish As-built / Certification process and work flow.
  • Support of interaction between process participants and various departments (Engineering / SU&C / work flow etc.) to make sure documents are provided and as-built documentation prepared in a timely manner during construction of modules end eventually make sure all QMS and design documentation requirements are complied.
  • Coordination between СB (certification body) and Contractor / Subcontractors to ensure timely and comprehensive issue of Certification Matrixes and Certificates / Declaration of Conformity (materials and equipment).
  • Coordination between Contractors and / or Subcontractors to make sure missing Vendor documentation (certificates, technical passports, operation documents etc.) are provided to the CB for further certification process.
  • Full support during Technical Passports preparation for equipment and components for certification purposes as per the CU TR.
  • Control of organization and methodology support of processes of execution of as-built documentation by contractors/subcontractors. Control of quality of preparation, organization, assurance and performance of works related to execution of as-built documentation by contractors/subcontractors.
  • Control of completeness and quality of as-built documentation of Contractors/Subcontractors.
  • Supervision of issuance and maintenance of as-built documentation by Contractors and / or Subcontractors and checking comprehensiveness thereof.
  • Control and organization of storage system for as-built documentation set during Project construction.
  • Receipt and storage of instructions and reports on remediation of deficiencies per issued and close instructions of supervising bodies from authorized personnel of Contractor/Subcontractor, and provide reports to the Head of Department.
  • Development, approval and implementation as per set order of ruling and governing internal regulations for the sake of harmonization, uniformity and systemization of checks of as-built documentation by experts of As-Built Documentation Group.
  • Receipt, analysis, systematization and submission to the Quality Control Group Manager of quality control results of the Contractors/Subcontractors' as-built documentation pertaining to the Project construction activities
  • Keeping record of as-built documentation execution. Control of execution correctness and time of as-built documentation control reports handover.
  • Provision of cooperation with supervising authorities within resolution of issues related to as-built documentation execution.
  • Consulting of Contractors/Subcontractors on rules of execution and keeping of as-built documentation during construction of the Project according to project documentation and Russian Legislation.
  • Control of quality of preparation, organization, assurance, conduct verification of execution, keeping and completeness of as-built documentation by contractors/subcontractors in the course of modules fabrication. Daily submission of As-Built Documentation Group's work progress report to the Quality Control Group Leader.

Work experience:

  • At least 3 years of total experience with engineering documentation groups in oil and gas industry.
  • Production and construction experience on onshore/offshore oil and gas projects as a member of an international contractors and suppliers team.
  • At least 10 years of experience on construction sites and similar sites on oil and gas projects.
  • Proven experience in modules fabrication, ideally in SE Asia