HVAC Engineer (10 August 2021) England

Activities to be carried out as part of the service:
- System design and system integration into overallĀ  design;
o Produce, review and update the system documentation for the mechanical and thermos-hydraulic design electrical, operator instructions, human machine interface, safety and environmental, control logic design as well as periodic testing in compliance with the engineering rules, methodologies, quality processes and tools.
o Particularly for instrumentation and control, performing the analysis for defining the I&C functional requirements of the system and production of the I&C logic:

  • Writing of the Instrumentation & Control Functional Requirements
  • Writing of Detailed Functional Diagram (DFD) Writing of FTP (Functional Test Platform procedure) specifications
  • Analysis of the FTP results
  • Writing of P5 text (I&C logic description)
  • Writing of P6.x (alarm sheets, operating images and operating modes)

o Particularly for mechanical design

  • Sizing of components e.g pumps, fans, pipework, pressure relief valves, tanks
  • Perform thermal-hydraulic calculation and modelling with in house or commercial tools
  • Ensuring the 3D model is consistent with the intended system design
  • Formulate equipment specification and provide the data in respective database or datasheet
  • Support to procurement team in formulation of technical specification for contract documentation
  • Support to procurement team in technical surveillance of supplier documentation

o Analysis and verification of input data, requirements and lesson learnt from other stations
o Engage proactively with all stakeholders around the system to ensure the delivery of a product meeting the requirements set by all disciplines (layout, civil, hazard, nuclear,safety, environment,configuration,management,procurement)
o Contribute to topics around good practices, innovation, improvement of processes, and quality
o Participate in experience sharing activities within the discipline

- Management of modifications related to the system including:
o Managing requests for modification to system(s) issued by various external parties by producing specifications and following engineering cycle (I&C and/or mechanical design changes specifications)