Safety Manager

Geismar, Louisiana

General Description of Position Responsibilities:
Leads, directs and has managerial oversight for the creation, implementation, compliance and auditing of all sites Industrial Safety, Health, Security, PSM/RMP and Loss Prevention/ Risk Management functional programs with activities to include but not limited to the following areas: all site safety, PSM, Tap Root. industrial hygiene, MOC, OSHA, USCG, DOT, NFPA, Homeland Security, Workers Compensation, , site insurance, site contractor and vendor entry, medical fitness and exposure, fire protection, and emergency response, Risk Management and safety related training activities to ensure adherence to Company SHE program requirements, federal, state and local laws and regulations, state fire department and industry best practices.
Specific Duties:
1. Directs and manages the development and implementation of loss prevention and plant safety programs. Ensures that the facility complies with OSHA and NFPA as well as various state and local codes so that employees are provided a safe working environment.
2. Maintains professional relationships with applicable local, state and federal agencies and all applicable safety and security related professional groups and associations.
3. Manages the PSM compliance, leads and coordinates with the environmental department site RMP Compliance. Ensures compliance by routine audits & updates of procedures. Also manages review & compliance of all MOCs.
4. Leads and directs the work scope of the Industrial Hygienist, i.e., surveys concerning lighting, noise, plant ventilation and non-ionizing radiation designed to recognize, evaluate and control physical stress; implementation of a chemical monitoring program to prevent or abate dangerous and/or harmful conditions arising from various plant operations and approves plan for OEAP monitoring..
5. Provide support to Exposure Based Safety Process.
6. Manages and directs work scope of the Safety Superintendent, Safety Specialist, PSM Coordinator, Safety & Security Coordinator, and Safety Clerk, contract security staff and provides associated training and development for each position.
7. Manages the fire prevention program, i.e., inspection, maintenance and repair of all fire protection systems and vapor suppression systems.
8. Remain abreast of current and pending OSHA, USCG and Homeland Security regulations. Manages sites associated record retention program to meet applicable agencies requirements.
9. Creates and manages Safety Department budgets (CC 800 & 802). Estimates, establishes and allocates expenditures for operation of the safety, industrial hygiene, security, emergency response training and development and plant loss prevention programs. Reviews facility improvement needs and recommends capital expenditures to improve the safety, health and security of the site. Has oversight over Capital Safety Barrier Removal Budget and Projects.
10. Manages and directs the Emergency Brigade, HAZMAT Team and the Emergency Medical Team and Rescue Teams.
11. Coordinates with site training department the development and implementation of Company and contractor employee related safety training programs and provides forward direction.
12. Provides leadership, technical expertise, and, oversight for safety and health risk management programs to reduce site risk, employee exposure, and community risk through process safety management and advanced risk management techniques, behavioral & exposure based systems
13. Leads TapRoot incident investigations, as needed. Manages the tracking of all recommendations to completion.
14. Leads and coordinates consulting insurance audits.
15. Assist in Corporate PSM audits, Key Procedure Audits, NFPA 70 E audits, SH&E Assessments, Security Audits, and Internal Consulting
16. Participate in local parishes of Iberville and Ascensions LEPC, CAER. GAMA groups as well as the LCA and GBRIMA safety & health subcommittees and security subcommittees and other industrial associations.
17. Manages site security direction and is the designated Facility Security Officer under the USCG Facility Security Plan with responsibility for site security compliance with the USCG regulations including assessments, drills, exercises, audits and recommendations for improvements to physical security, policies and procedures.
18. Participates in SH&E assessments at the Geismar site and provides assistance when needed to other PotashCorp sites to evaluate the sites performance against the PotashCorp SH&E Expectations. Develop site action plans for improvement.
19. Leads consistent application and ongoing development of site Process Safety Management systems. Upgrading current capabilities by development and application of more sophisticated risk management techniques including LOPA, Fault Tree, Failure Mode and Effects Analyses, and other system safety techniques.
20. Leads developmental support for behavioral & exposure based safety
21. Provide developmental site leadership for TapRoot root cause analysis applications to enhance the quality of the current system.
22. Directs contract industrial hygienist to implement the OEAP (Occupational Exposure Assessment Program).
23. Serves on the LEPC, CAER, LCA Safety & Security Committees.GBRIMA Contractor Background Screening committees, S&H subcommittee, Baton Rouge Area Maritime Security committee and Geismar area Mutual Aid.
24. Directs the site Emergency Brigade and HAZMAT Team activities and training and development.
25. Directs site random Substance abuse testing activities related to Homeland Security requirements and contractor safety. Continually seek to enhance testing program to accommodate changes in types of drug usage.
26. Directs the updating of the sites fire water system study, utilizing KY-Pipe to analyze the adequacy of the fire water supply system (pumps and piping) for potential scenarios in each operating area for firewater upgrades.
27. Assists site HR department and corporate legal in documentation, record collection and other related activity for claims of possible third-party lawsuits.
28. Directs site PSM/RMP audits.
29. Leads review of Risk consultants facility siting study for PSM and submitted capital expenditure projects for building/site improvements each year.
30. Responsible for the 5-year HAZOP revalidation process for Nitrogen and Phosphate operations.
31. Directed the implementation of NFPA 70 E in conjunction with the I&E Department.
32. Performs all other duties as directed by site General Manager.

Required Qualifications

Graduate of a recognized and accredited university, with a preference for a minimum of Bachelor of Science degree in a safety related field. Other degrees may be considered depending on a minimum of 7-10 years of safety related work experience.
Prefer a minimum of 10 years of directly-related, collective and progressively-responsible experience in safety, health, security, PSM and Loss prevention. It is preferred to have a balance of experience which may coincide with years of education. Also, some equivalency may be considered for operations time. Thus, education and experience equivalencies will be considered.
CIH, CSP, CPP and other Safety Health and Security certifications are considered a plus.

Additional Qualifications:

Minimum 5 years of supervision experience.
Position is Salaried Exempt and not eligible for overtime
Must be available to work extended work days as required
Possess knowledge of production systems and equipment.
Excellent written and oral communication skills, organizational and planning skills, facilitation skills,
computer skills and the ability to achieve results through others.
Flexible, analytical and detailed oriented.

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