Military Radar Assistance (RF181289) Saudi Arabia

Salary: GBP10 - GBP12 per annum


We are looking for several candidates with knowledge of Radar Ground Master 400, GM 200 in charge of :


- Production and delivery of system and hardware problem reports (SPR and HPR), according to the model provided.

- OJT training for the client's staff on radar system operations and maintenance,

- Supervision system checks,

- Responding to requests from customer personnel to troubleshoot the system,

- Repair of the system using spare parts supplied by the customer,

o Initial evaluation of defective parts to assess the repair/replacement decision,

- Modification / update of the equipment limited to modifications due to technical problems and approved by Radar Design Authority (LAS France).


Requirements  :


- Good knowledge of the radar (maintenance and operation) (GM 400, GM 200 preferably)

- Knowledge and experience of power generation and distribution equipment (maintenance and operation);

- Knowledge and experience with radio communication equipment (maintenance and operation);

- Basic knowledge of unix.

- Awareness required to carry out maintenance work (electrical authorization, authorization to work vertically, at height, etc.),

- Be able to obtain administrative authorization for entry to military sites.

- English Language