Interpreter (JO014306) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Salary: GBP10 - GBP20 per annum

ROLE: The translator-interpreter is a vital link to the target audience. Without a cooperative, loyal, and supportive translators-interpreter, the mission could be in serious jeopardy. He assists and takes direction from the Master Trainers (he will be associated with). Mutual respect and understanding is essential to effective teamwork. The translators-interpreters and Master Trainers must establish rapport early in their relationship and maintain rapport throughout the joint effort. Every translators-interpreters and Master Trainers must strive for harmonious working relationships to carry out all duties pertaining to the responsibilities detailed below, but not limited to:

• Consecutive interpretation of technical courses provided by the Master Trainers to the Saudi trainees: indoor and outdoor, in simulator rooms, on firing ranges.
• Written translation of technical documents, courses, procedure sheets and user manuals and any documents requested by the Master Trainers (provided that they are linked to the training mission).
• Create, develop, monitor and update glossaries, databases and translation assistance tools.
• Define translation methods according to the context.
• Assist the instructor in the preparation of course deliveries.
• Assist the Master Trainer in the preparation and handling of teaching and training materials.
• Computer / Diagnostic Skills and any experience in defense sector is a plus.

• Ensure a minimum of 6 hours of translation a day, 5 days a week.
• Ensure the confidentiality of information and documents related to the mission and the company.
• Own an Arabic-English and Arabic-French translator-interpreter diploma (recognized in Saudi Arabia).
• Have at least a 5-year translator-interpreter experience.
• Have a good knowledge of Saudi history, culture and society.
• Have a complete and solid knowledge of the windows packoffice.
• Have a valid driving licence.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Strong adaptability and flexibility, and high availability.
• Strong capability to work in a context of high pressure, stress and emergency.
• Team spirit oriented