Field Support Representative (500) Qatar


Assigned to Customer Airline to represent the client at all levels in its Organization


  • Bring technical support and advice in day-to-day Customer Airlines operations to avoid any problems/delay/disruptions/AOG due to equipment.
  • Assist the Customer Airlines on the following aspects linked with the maintenance of their Aircelle equipment in service: Technical – Logistical – Industrial
  • Anticipate and alert on potential problems, events, and opportunities (technical – spares – commercial) linked with the maintenance and operations of equipment.
  • Provide coordination between CSC/Engineering and Customer Airlines in the problem correction process
  • Inform SNA, specifically through the REPORTING tool, on this activity on the technical, commercial, spares, quality aspects.
  • Establish relations at all Airline levels

Job Description

  • The FSR establishes close relationship at all airline levels. He is in contact with those people daily.
  • The role of the FSR is broad; although it is mainly a technical assistance task in the first place, he represents the client in front of his customer on all running items.
  • On the technical aspect: he provides the best practices and tips on the maintenance of the nacelles. He provides his customer with some familiarization informations on the nacelle. He helps the Customer, if necessary, with the help of the support teams, in the problem solving of the defects reported in his airline fleet. In this respect, the FSR can be called out outside working hours.
  • The FSR provides some guidance to his customer for a cost-effective maintenance plan on the nacelles (SB, overhauls, parts replacement etc…).
  • On the spare activity, he assists, if necessary, his customer in the material planning, ordering and delivery issues such as customs, paperwork, quarantine, AOGs, tracking etc…
  • On the commercial aspects, he works hand in hand with the assigned SNA CSD and Sales Director of the region by providing any relevant information to better understand the customer requests; however, it is not the role of the FSR to take any commercial position.
  • The FSR provides any comprehensive reports to Support teams on any issues for corrective actions.
  • The FSR provides specific regular feedback of the above activity through the Reporting tool (significant items and event reports).

The client high expectation of support standards relies significantly on the FSR




Good knowledges of:

  • The Client organization, processes, and operating practises (training will be providing)
  • The SNA product operated by his customer (training will be providing)
  • Good Knowledge of Aircraft/ Aerospace terms
  • Knowledge of how to search and use Technical Publication (AMM, SRM, CMM…) –
  • Knowledge of Structure and carbon composite repair would be a plus.
  • The aviation environment and its requirements
  • Ability to analyse, synthesize and communicate
  • Fluent in English
  • Customer minded, autonomous and responsi