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Lead Contract Engineer

Lead Contract Engineer (15/11/2023) Doha, Qatar

We are looking for a Lead Contract Engineer for one of our clients with the following details:  

Location: Doha, Qatar

Work Status : Resident, Single

Mob date: JAN-2024

Demob date: DEC-2024

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • BSc Degree in Science or Commercial field or its equivalent
  • Professional experience: 8 - 10 years’ post-graduate experience required. Minimum 8 years in the O&G industry. Minimum 6 years in contracts domain and minimum of 2 years as Senior Contract Engineer in the Company.
  • Personal Abilities: Advanced Management, Advanced Human Relations, Problem Solving and Planning / organizing / coordinating / controlling
  • C&P competencies
  • Advanced level in Contracts technical Competencies required
  • C&P tools advanced certification required


The Job holder liaises with Project Team and participates to the processes and communication of the contracts entity by performing the following tasks

  • Introduce contracts practices and/or procedures for the establishment of contractual documents, in cooperation with the Project Team
  • Supervise and train contract engineers through field training
  • Help manage the workload, the assignments and competences update of his/her team of Contract engineers
  • Keep informed or best practices in contracts procedures in Project Team for improvement of contracts practices in MP
  • Ensure that all insurance issues of company assets and personnel are dealt with
  • Use frame agreements signed by shareholders

The Job holder executes the following contracts activities

  • Prepare and maintain an up-to-date list of qualified contractors/suppliers/potential tenders/contracts with updated information in order to perform market studies

Take a leading role in the validation of the contracts strategy through:

  • Arranging and attending Contracts Committee Meetings
  • Pre-qualifying bidders
  • Defining target prices
  • Defining criteria for evaluation
  • Supervise the creation of CFT commercial documents
  • Supervise the preparation and issue of the call for tender to contractors and suppliers on the bidders list
  • Ensure the preparation and send out the dossiers of pre-consultation and Standard or Complex invitations to bid
  • Verify the alignment with HSE clauses, Company rules, Procedures, Instructions and applicable legislation when issuing all technical contracts and when drafting contractual and commercial terms and conditions
  • Verify the Terms & Conditions (standard, general and financial)
  • Supervise the establishment of the technical contracts and contractual agreements, directly participate to the most complex contracts
  • Participate in terms & conditions and commercial bid complex analysis and negotiations to ensure that a clear definition of responsibilities is developed
  • Assume a leading role in RTAs through managing in Contract committees and award validation and RTA evaluations
  • Handle the approval from authorities and partners, clarification of rights and obligation of signing parties and the signature process of formal documents
  • Intervene in the settlement of claims, in relation with the Juridical, Insurance, Finance and company management by proposing strategies and actions and participating to the negotiations
  • Ensure monitoring of on-going contracts status, participate in contract management discussions
  • Review supplier performance

The Job holder ensures Contracts compliance

  • Ensure that all contracts personnel under his/her supervision is in line with the company’s standardized norms and codes of conduct

The Job holder adheres to the H3SE rules

  • Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger. Exercising caution as necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations
  • Participate actively in H3SE meetings, training sessions and drills and co-operate actively in the execution of H3SE plans

If Interested Kindly apply.