Technical VP (JO017511) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are looking for a Technical Vice President with the following details :

Location : Dubai, UAE

Duration : 1 year

Work Status : Resident


Job Description :

  • Assisting in the development of the Company’s comprehensive development strategy plan, clear the developing direction and management objective of the company.
  • Responsible for the company’s comprehensive technology research and development, support and promotion plan, clear the major direction of them.
  • Responsible for the company’s annual technology research and development, support and promotion plan and supervise the implementation.
  • Participating in pre-sales work of strategic projects and promoting the company’s strengths of technology solution to customers.
  • Responsible for supervision and evaluation of the technology research and development project, technology support project and transformation and promotion of technological achievement project
  • Responsible for the construction of digital intelligence, like the construction and management of infrastructure, platform and application system.
  • Responsible for the talents training of technology team, and lead them achieve the work objectives.
  • Collecting the information of industry leader to summarize the advance managerial experience, mechanism and method, improve the management level and marketability of the company
  • Other tasks assigned by Leader.
  • Geological Exploring or Oil and Gas development

Qualifications :

  • 10+ years of Senior Management position experience in Petroleum and Petrochemical enterprise and 5+ years management experience in technical research and development.
  • With internal vision can grasp industry technology develop trends and business development direction
  • Familiar with the implementation process and achievement show of oilfield technology research projects.
  • With rich experience in project management, can lead technology team to deliver projects efficiently and with high quality
  • Proficiency in office software,
  • With Leadership, communications skills and can work under pressure
  • Frequent business trip with the project country are required when necessary.