CPP Offshore Permit To Work (PTW) Coordinator (PTW) Qatar

We are looking for a CPP Offshore Permit To Work (PTW) Coordinator with the following details : 

Location : OFFSHORE - Qatar

Duration : Jan 2023 - Jun 2023

Work Status : Rotation 28 days ON and 28 days OFF 


  • Large experience on similar activities at equivalent position.
  • Familiar with COMPANY Standard Specifications
  • English fluent.
  • Professional Experience (number of years) : 10
  • Experience within project : (number of years) : 5
  • Good communication skills, English (mandatory), Vietnamese appreciated,
  • Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment,
  • Good analytical skills


  • The job holder is accountable for the following activities during, Brown Field and Green Field works project execution
  • The Permit Coordinator is a COMPANY personnel designated on Site for coordination of the PTW process. The Permit Coordinator supports on the one hand, the FOP Permit Controller (FOP : Field Operation) and on the other hand the CONTRACTOR, in the administration and coordination of the permit system. A Permit Coordinator has not a signatory role.

The Permit Coordinator:

  • Ensures proper co-ordination of all works to be carried out;
  • Ensures that conflicting permits are brought to the attention of the Platform Superintendent;
  • Is the focal point for all permits issued on the Site by MP, including those permits that are suspended, but where the work is not complete;
  • Ensure compliance with the PTW Originator and submission requirements;
  • Provides a quality check of the permits, supporting documents and certificates prior to issue ensuring all the necessary signatures have been obtained;
  • Assist the CCR in operating the permit office to reflect the current status of all MP permit work and isolations. This includes maintaining the permit display board in the control room for MP e-PTW;
  • Participates in monitoring, auditing and assurance activities.
  • Participates to the e-PTW coordination daily meetings.
  • Ensures that the original of all work permits and certificates are held on the Site for a period of sixty days.
  • Thereafter, they shall be sent to COMPANY offices in Doha (HSEQ) for electronic archiving
  • Ensures that if an accident/incident occurs, the copy of the work permit and any associated certificate(s) shall be scanned and attached to the incident report (to be recorded into Synergi by HSE team). The original permit and any associated original documents shall be retained on file by the HSE-SA until subsequent investigations have concluded