QA/QC Leader ( E&I ) - candidates currently in CHINA (QC Group) Zhoushan Shi, China

We are recruiting for a QA/QC Leader (E&I ) for one of our Clients

Terms & Condition:

Work Location : China  ( Fabrication yards )

Duration : 2 years with possible extension 

Work Status : Rotation 8 weeks ON / 2 weeks OFF / 6 days a week

Mandatory Experience :

  • LNG / Modules fabrication experience 
  • Candidates currently in CHINA 

Job Description

  • Management, assurance and implementation of Quality Control functions delegated by the Subdivision Head at the facility. 
  • Systemization of quality control management processes during module fabrication.
  • Coordination of construction process participants within Quality Assurance and Control System by means of introduction of QC process procedures and optimization of current activities.
  • Coordination of teamwork of construction process participants in order to achieve the set level of quality in compliance with design documentation, and Laws and Regulations.
  • Management of QC Group that incorporates experts in various disciplines for inspections of on-site module fabrication.
  • Identification and highlighting of all possible risks, opportunities or threats that may positively or negatively impact cost, quality or project tasks.  
  • Participation in developing Company norms and standards regulating quality requirements.
  • Participation in development of QC procedures and ITPs.   
  • Participation in staffing the Group with highly qualified personnel.
  • Making sure Company personnel participates in inspections and tests conducted to check work quality for compliance with design documentation requirements including during incoming inspection of equipment and materials arriving on construction site.
  • Making sure citations issued by Subdivision specialists are collected and stored and following up on relevant corrective action.
  • Development of weekly/monthly reports on operation performance to control Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and critical data analysis.
  • Assistance in review and fast authorization of technical deviation requests.
  • Control of Contractors work quality including but not limited development of quality matrices and their use in the course of construction.
  • Presentation of quality control reports, construction quality non-conformance reports and analysis of the reasons for quality non-conformances to the Subdivision Head and making proposals on how to correct quality non-conformances and prevent them from happening in the future.

Candidate Specification :

  • University Engineering Degree
  • Education in Quality Management

Required professional knowledge and skills     

  • Education in Quality Management is a plus.                                                                                             
  • Valid National Agency of Welding Control (NAKS) certificate (Level 4 or higher) or International Welding Engineer (IWE) Diploma.                                                                      
  • Valid NDT certificates and knowledge assessment test certificates: Level 2 or higher.                                                                                         
  • Certificate "ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Lead Auditor".                                                                      
  • At least fifteen (15) years of management experience with production companies and on construction sites in oil and gas industry with five subordinates or more.                                                                                
  • At least ten (10) years of certified experience in construction quality control, including work with Quality Assurance / Quality Control Plans, Inspection and Test Plans, Test Procedures and and in non-conformance and deviation management.                                                      
  • At least five (5) years of management experience with a multidisciplinary inspector team, at onshore / offshore facilities manufacturing and construction phases on oil and gas projects, particularly in relation to metal structures, piping, electrical equipment and instrumentation, coatings, insulation, construction scaffolding, welding, testing, etc.                     
  • Management experience with an international contractors and suppliers team, particularly in modular prefabricated buildings and offshore facilities construction.                                                       
  • Proven experience in modules fabrication, ideally in SE Asia.