Team Leader ( Roads & Highways ) (Roads & Highways) Bangladesh

We are looking for a Team Leader for one of our Clients :

Location : Bangladesh 

Assignment : Direct Hire

Type of Project : Roads & Highways


  • Post Graduate Degree in Social Science/Sociology/Environmental/Civil Engineering (Major in Environmental Engineering or Social/ Environment related field, some formal training/ course on advance environment management/ science related field will be beneficial/ PHD also required

Experience Required

  • Must have at least 25 yrs of general experience  of conducting similar assignments for international organizations in several countries.

Job Responsibilities : 

  • Must have International experience of leading and conducting similar assignments in several countries will take charge of coordinating the ESIA and leading the SESA, Integrating the Input of each specialist, putting together the ESIA and managing the consultation the processes
  • She/He  should have at least 2 years experience in leading and/or conducting on ESIA and is familiar with the WBG Safeguards policies, WB, ESF and WBG performance standards.