BIM Manager ( Railway System ) (Transportation) Israel

We are looking for a BIM Manager for one our clients to be based in ISRAEL OR FRANCE

If you have experience in Railway System, please send your updated CV.

Job Responsibilities :

  • To plan the Combined Services Drawings (CSD) activity in line with the Project’s schedule;
  • To ensure the objectives of the Combined services drawings as it relates to System integration are met;
  • To work collaboratively with the Systems and Civils Disciplines to collect and compile the design models from the different Civils and Railway Systems disciplines;
  • To get the Combined Services Drawings produced for all section of the Green Line and for both:
  1. Underground services
  2. Overground equipment;
  • To plan and chair of the CSD reviews with all disciplines;
  • To support the decision making for integrated design along the LRT strip;
  • To submit and obtain approval for all the Combined Services Drawings (Layouts and Sections) with the Owner;
  • To monitor changes on the spatial design and produce associated reports and presentations

Will deliver all activities and documentation required for the works as defined :

  • Progress report
  • Attendance to Projects review meetings (as required by the Project team)
  • Attendance to design reviews (as required by the Project team)

Configuration Management

  1. Configuration management is one of the responsibility and must be operational as from the initial stages of development. The service provider must list the applicable internal procedures and measures in the proposal. These documents and their application may be audited by the COMPANY
  2. Modification management
  3. Anomaly and upgrade record

Must provide a weekly progress report to the technical manager.

  • The progress or forecast progress of work performed or to be performed.
  • Any problems encountered and question addressed to .
  • Review record status (classified by number as new / current / corrected / validated / closed, and global count per each category).
  • Proposed improvements, if necessary.
  • Service provider interpretation in the event of any ambiguity in the specification.
  • The updated development schedule (the initial schedule is included in the proposal)

IT Skills required :

  • MS office
  • AutoCAD and Civil 3D
  • Revit (as required)