Senior Subsea Installation Engineer (Subsea) Doha, Qatar

We are looking for a Senior Subsea Installation Engineer with the following details :

Location : Doha, Qatar

Work Status : Resident, Single - Onshore 

Duration : May 2023 - Dec 2025 


  • Bachelor or Master in Engineering in any discipline
  • Overall Professional Experience (years): 15
  • Relevant Professional Experience in transportation and installation of subsea flowline/pipeline (years): 10
  • Large spectrum of skill and competencies in various engineering disciplines and/or in Interface Management
  • Specialist Subsea transportation and installation of subsea flowline/pipeline, PLET, PLEM, Jumper supports, transition spools, DOP structure
  • A good knowledge of Contractual matters would be necessary, and a good knowledge of subsea pipeline/flowline Projects and Operations would be a plus.
  • Languages: English mandatory
  • Knowledge of relevant codes and standards
  • H2S OPITO and T-BOSIET trainings


  • To adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regard to HSSE and to implement HSSE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility.
  • To adopt, implement and inculcate ‘Incident Free’ approach during project execution.
  • To liaise with other interface and discipline engineers, involved in the management of the PWD project and with contractor personnel handling technical design and interfaces. The job holder shall also make sure that non contractual obligations are properly addressed by EPCI contractor.
  • To organize and/or attend technical interface meetings as necessary.
  • To ensure consistence and correct design compliance both under area of responsibility and with other areas during the various phase of project such as CFT Documentation, Early Engineering, detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation and animate dedicated transverse technical, schedule and cost coordination between packages as required to ensure all requirements for EPCI activities are complied with.
  • To ensure timely review of documentation by COMPANY interfaces to identify clashes/conflicts
  • To develop an interface register for scope to combine with the Project master interface register
  • To prepare EPCI Turnkey contractor SOW & related Exhibits.
  • To manage technical communication interface with other Operators during project execution.
  • Ensure, control and coordinate the proper realization of the design, method statements etc of the subsea structures of PWD project and its specific brownfield and SIMOPS scope.
  • Assist in developing agreements with Other
  • To ensure timely review of documentation by COMPANY and government entities
  • To follow up 3rd party interfaces (ie Logistic) during project execution.
  • To develop an interface register for scope to combine with the Project master interface register
  • To attend all interface-related meetings, including in particular interface workshops, HAZID / HAZOP, Constructability, RISK workshops, meetings with Contractor(s), etc. in order to ensure the permanent control of the battery limits.
  • To organize, control and follow up process to have all deliverables timely issued by contractors for all interfaces, and to control the quality of these deliverables during project execution.
  • To assist EPCI Contractor(s), as required, in the closing out of interfaces. To expedite the exchange of Interface Task Sheet involving Contractor(s) as necessary.
  • To ensure that EPCI Contractors provide proper reporting of the progress of their interfaces activities and ensure subsequently report on progress of interface management process implementation to PWD Project Manager and refer to him in the event of any deviation or conflict with proposed remedial actions.
  • To avoid change orders and delays caused by interface issues by ensuring timely follow-up of interfaces. To anticipate problems and work together with Contractor(s),
  • To ensure timely review of documentation by COMPANY MP Engineering Manager and as a general manner with all discipline Engineers in MP, Operations / Drilling and Marine depts. to propose technical solutions.
  • Evaluate Vessel compatibility, flowline laying & sub sea installation method statements, JSA and provide technical inputs.
  • To liaise with other departments like Drilling & Wells, Field Operations, HSEQ etc for the management of interface up to their close-out.
  • To liaise with project team and discipline engineers on all interface matters and/or help expedite the development of the design process, construction method statements and Job Safety Analysis.
  • To liaise with the Document Control team to assist consolidation of the technical review records for all project packages.
  • When necessary, participate in monitoring interfaces between different subcontractors of a main EPCI contractor.
  • Have core understanding of Transportation & Installation of subsea flowline/pipelines (rigid/flexible), PLEM, PLET, transition spools, Jumpers, subsea structures etc, the associated Installation Engineering tasks to be performed by CTRs
  • To resolve and chase Technical Queries and Derogations Requests in liaison with discipline engineers and
  • To ensure timely review of documentation by COMPANY Technical Reference Persons.
  • To timely report to the PWD Project Manager, highlighting progress and areas of concerns encountered in the performance of his duties
  • To ensure confidentiality of all the documentation produced (whatever its support)