Pipelines and Piping Expert (JO014232) Tianjin, China

We are recruiting for a Pipelines and Piping Expert for one of our Clients

Terms & Condition:

Work Location : China ( fabrication yards )

Duration : 1 year

Work Status : Rotation 8 weeks ON / 2 weeks OFF / 6 days a week  ( Monday to Saturday )

Candidate Specification

  • Candidates currently based in China  
  • Higher vocational (Engineering) Education / University Engineering Degree
  • Proven experience in modules fabrication, SE Asia
  • 5 years of experience in construction and fabrication of pipelines and piping
  • 10 years of experience on construction sites and similar sites on oil and gas projects.       
  • Valid National Agency of Welding Control (NAKS) certificate (Level 3 or higher) or International Welding Engineer (IWE) Diploma.         
  • Valid visual and dimensional testing certificate (Level 2 or higher)
  • Valid NDT certificates and knowledge assessment test certificates (radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection): Level 2 or higher (preferably)                                   
  • At least three (3) years of experience in Quality Control as a member of multidisciplinary inspector team, including work with Quality Control plans, Inspection and Test Plans, Test Procedures and in non-conformance and deviation management                  
  • Production and construction experience on onshore/offshore oil and gas projects as a member of an international contractors and suppliers team, preferably in modular prefabricated buildings construction.   

Job Description

  • Supervision over Contractor’s/Subcontractor’s work at modules fabrication site during fabrication, assembly and Quality Control of pipelines and piping; 

  • Assurance of modules manufacturing by the Contractor in compliance with approved Quality Control plans, design documentation, SNiP and Russian Legislation;
  • Expert and methodology support within the competence during Quality Control activities by Contractors/Subcontractors to assure compliance with quality requirements to fabrication of modules;
  • Monitoring of completeness, up-to-dateness and quality of permissive documents of Contractors/Subcontractors.
  • Control of the following:
  • Receipt of materials for manufacturing of pipelines and piping;
  • Fabrication of pipelines and piping in compliance with project documentation, construction rules and regulations and other norms and standards;
  • Compliance with approved sequence of process operations;
  • Timely preparation of as-built documentation;
  • Participation in: 
  • Incoming control of materials arriving at construction site;
  • Inspections and tests as per approved QC plans for fabrication
  • Final acceptance of completed work
  • Verification and acceptance of as-built documentation within the competence
  • Quality Control of the work performed by the Fabrication Contractor:
  • Provision of Quality Control reports, reports on discrepancies found in facility fabrication quality and make proposals on their elimination and prevention;
  • Issuance of instructions to Contractor and control over corrective actions if necessary;
  • Timely informing the line manager about found discrepancies within the competence;
  • Preparation of weekly and daily reports on the Contractor’s performance; maintenance of statistics on inspections and quality, verification of actual quality reports;
  • Informing on the circumstances which prevent proper performance of job duties;
  • Participation in meetings of Quality Control Group and contractors on issues relevant to pipelines and piping