Contract Engineer / Manager (JO014525) Tianjin, China

We are currently looking for a Contract Engineer / Manager for one of our clients ( Oil and Gas )

Type of Job : Contract ( to work for the Client )
Duration : 12 Months ( renewable )
Work Location :Based in Tianjin, China with some travels to Malaysia and Saudi Arabia
Work Status : Resident, Single Onshore. 5 days per week, 9 hours per day

Mandatory Requirements :

  • Experts of full process of contracts drafting for 10-15 years
  • MUST have topside jacket project experience
  • MUST have Offshore SAUDI Mega Projects Experience

Requirements : 

  • Basic requirements: familiar with EPCI, T&I, barge rent, charter party and other contract modes and contents.
  • Working experience: with international offshore oil and gas engineering contract management experience, familiar with the requirements of industry specifications;   Experience of oil and gas project contract management in the Middle East Sea area is preferred, especially working experience in Saudi Arabia sea area.
  • Software ability: proficient in the application of Office software and planning software, etc.
  • Professional ability: transportation and construction experiences in offshore oil and gas engineering, familiar with offshore construction process and construction preparation, familiar with industry standards and specifications. Rich experience in contract management, which can help the company to develop international offshore engineering business and improve the overall level of project management for the company.


  • Assist the contract manager to manage the whole process of the main contract and subcontract of the project, and formulate the implementation strategy of project contract management and contract risk management.
  • Sort out and give forward-looking, early-warning and continuous business and contract suggestions on the signing, review and implementation of the main contract and subcontract, summarize the contractual obligations of each contract, and carry out publicity, implementation and training to the project team.
  • Assist the Contract Manager / Procurement Manager to finish the subcontract procurement contracts.
  • Handle external communications, draft response documents according to the implementation of the contract, and draft and submit various notices and correspondence documents according to the contract.
  • Provide the project team with contract interpretation and on-site support on the scope of work, rights and obligations, and relief measures of the contract.
  • Carry out change management of main contract and subcontract / purchase contract according to contract terms, company process and authorization, including change application, confirmation and implementation, etc..
  • Assist the contract manager to prepare the commercial and contract parts of all project progress reports.
  • Report to the Project Manager / Contract Manager in the first time when there are major business problems affecting the project schedule and cost during the contract execution, and propose responses and solutions.
  • Complete other temporary tasks assigned by the project manager / contract manager according to the needs of project implementation.