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Site Lifting Specialist

Site Lifting Specialist (08/05/2024) Basrah, Iraq

We are looking for a Site Lifting Specialist for one of our clients with the following details:

Location: Basra, Iraq

Start Date: to be confirm

Contract Duration: 1 year, renewable

Work Status : Rotation 28 days ON x 28 days OFF

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Education: Minimum 7 years working experience of a high hazard industry, i.e., Construction, Oil & Gas, onshore plant and others including previous experience in Lifting Supervisory role (Min 5 years).
  • Professional Lifting qualification at Diploma / Degree level minimum (e.g. LEEA (The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)/ EAL / OPITO / CPA diploma/Certificate)
  • Understanding of development and construction activities.
  • Good understanding Broad and extensive knowledge in handling & lifting appliance & operations.
  • Experience in incident investigation.
  • Knowledge of the company group standards and/or previous experience with other major IOCs in large oil and gas construction projects.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Understanding of oil and gas production equipment, processes and utility systems
  • Experience reviewing and commenting on Contractor construction phase Lifting plans and related documents.
  • Good knowledge of qualitative and quantitative risk assessments techniques.
  • Good knowledge of Lifting legislation and international standards (BS, LOLER, etc.), including IOGP standards, onshore plant standards, ISO and Company referential framework (Rules, Specifications, Guides).
  • Ability to Supervise of critical lift, to plan of critical and non-critical lifts.
  • Experience in training and coaching is preferred.
  • Ability to proactively drive positive change.
  • Be a Role model to establish effective team working.
  • Autonomy and previous experience in working transversally.
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English. Spoken and written Arabic is a plus.
  • Ability to work a multi-cultural environment

Job Brief

The Site Lifting Specialist is responsible:

  • To identify workplace hazards relating to the specific operation and has the Authority to take appropriate actions to safeguard human life and project assets.
  • To make sure that all lifting operations on Project perimeter comply with project rule requirements and Best International Lifting practice.
  • Promote safe lifting and handling operations, referring to company Lifting Management System (LMS) and international standards.

Duties and responsibilities

  • The Site Lifting Coordinator oversees implementing the HSE Management System for the overall GPP Package of GM Project, and to monitor that the HSE values and requirements are understood and complied with.
  • With the support of the Project GPP HSE Spdt., he/she will advise and assist the Package Management in the planning, management, and control of lifting operation. He/She will also support, advise, and guide the Package team, including site personnel, in all lifting matters.

Main activities are:


  • Supports the Package Team by providing innovative advice, guidance, resources, and processes to all Lifting & Handling matters on project perimeter.
  • Promotes the Project HSE policies and plans (including the Safety Culture program) at the Package level and on the worksites through:
  • Frequent talks and presentations,
  • Deployment of HSE tools on Company assets, i.e., Program “0 Fatality” (Safety Green Light, Life Saving Checks, Joint Safety Tour), Stop Card, Safety and Sustainability Moments, World Day for Safety commemoration, ...
  • Similar programs and tools to be deployed by the Contractors on their own worksites.
  • Liaise with contractors' Lifting personnel and project team.
  • Provide leadership, supervision, guidance and mentoring to personnel with a focus on national development.
  • Promote HSE Culture to prevent and reduce lifting/handling incidents.
  • Assess the competencies of personnel carrying out lifting and/or handling operations.


  • Implements the Project HSE Management System on all the project Package.
  • Ensures all Package Contractors and their Subcontractors implements their own HSE management System in line with Company requirements.
  • Review, comment and advise on all contractor lifting related documentation, method statements and risk assessments, etc.
  • Perform regular checks of the affiliate rules and instructions for lifting and handling, ensuring suitability with actual working conditions.

Risk Management

  • Reviews all Package Lifting/Handling specific procedures, method statements and related risk assessments issued by the different Contractors.
  • Conducts and participates in regular meetings with the package team and Contractors’ representatives to discuss and agree on safety standards, discuss concerns, and assess potential hazards.
  • Assists the HSE Spdt, Sup. & Officer(s) and Company Site Representatives in the implementation of risk (including environmental) assessment methodologies (e.g., JRA, HIRA, etc.).
  • Provide reliable assurance on the effectiveness of the processes for HSE risk management the principal contractor has in place.
  • Ensures that risk assessments (including those prepared by Contractors) are reviewed, actions are followed up and closed, mitigations measures are implemented.
  • Ensure principal contractor promotes a culture of HSE/risk management throughout Lifting/Handling activities.


  • Provide technical assistance to all project package (Early works, Gas Plant project, Pipeline and other) for the lifting operations, personnel, and equipment.
  • Provide technical support during procurement or hire of project lifting equipment or lifting service providers.
  • Review Critical Lifting Plans and attend the lift when required or ensure suitable delegation for supervision.
  • Perform condition checks and fitness for purpose on lifting appliances/accessories, CCUs (Cargo Carrying Unit) and evaluate their utilization on site.
  • Seek assistance from APLO.
  • Periodic review of generic lifting plan.
  • Review engineering calculation for complex and complicated lift.
  • Selection of equipment for mechanical lifting operations.

Contractor and Suppliers

  • Monitor that the Contractors’ Lifting/Handling Management Systems, performances, and activities are following the requirements of the contracts.
  • Reviews bridging documents when required and ensures they are validated by all parties.
  • Participates in meetings and workshops for the preparation of construction, transportation, installation, and commissioning activities conducted by Contractors to ensure compliance with Project and site Lifting/Handling requirements.

Competencies and Resources Management

  • Assist Affiliate APLO in technical review of lifting operations and advice to project team.
  • Assess personnel competencies to carry out lifting operations within project perimeter.
  • Define the site lifting personnel training program if required.
  • Develop proper communication channels and define a clear Competence Management Plan for Project Lifting Personnel.

Incident Analysis

  • Ensure that the reporting and analysis of lifting/Handling incidents is performed as required.
  • Takes part in / supervises lifting /Handling incident, accident investigations and analysis.
  • Perform the Lifting High Potential Incidents analysis and ensure action plans are implemented.
  • Ensure all Incidents are reported and investigated at a level commensurate with company guidance
  • Ensure the follow-up and execution of actions determined after incident, accident, audit.
  • Operates a Project system for reporting and analyzing anomalies, incidents, and accidents.
  • Reports incidents and anomalies to the affiliate APLO.

Audits and Inspections

  • Ensure regular site visits, inspections, and audits to monitor Lifting/Handling performance.
  • Ensure principal contractor carries out audits and monitor reports.
  • Take part in and/or organize audits of installations and operations, check on their conformity to reference documents on yearly base. Site Lifting Coordinator oversees planning follow up of external lifting audits as per CR EP LSO 043 Rule 23. SLS role is to evaluate the required number of days for the audit and to plan/organize enough site visits which will be needed to complete the global overview of lifting performance within Project perimeter. Also, SLS is in charge of the organization of kick-off and final debrief meetings with Project/site management and auditor. He/she shall be prepared to provide all required information for the audit in advance as per auditor request.
  • Ensure audit/inspection reports and implementation of required corrective actions.

Performance Improvement & communication

  • Implementation of Lifting KPI system in project.
  • Review Lifting HSE statistics for project on quarterly basis and report to project/Affiliate.
  • Compile necessary reports (daily/weekly/monthly) which shall include all contractors Lifting/Handling information and analysis of Lifting/Handling performance indicators.
  • Ensure coordination, reporting and transmission of feedback to APLO, Construction and Project Management Team.
  • Responsible for the communication of routine lifting activities or specific lifting-related campaigns within project.
  • Define common practices/tools and create a safe and efficient lifting culture within the project.
  • Share innovative ideas with top management to improve COMPANY performance.


  • The main focus of the role is to ensure lifting and HSE risks are properly evaluated and controlled by the Package team and its Contractors and to provide high standard support to projects, from the construction to operation/maintenance phases.
  • Maintain systematic and methodological approach to Lifting Operations, assist to Affiliate APLO with an established and reliable system of documentation, processes, and personnel competency assurance.
  • To advise all Contractors’ objectives and expectations for HSE, accountability and performance for Lifting Activities
  • Assess, analyse, plan and adjust lifting operations on site regarding company LMS, local and international rules.

If Interested Kindly apply.