Lead Data Scientist (JO016781) Doha, Qatar

Salary: USD6400 - USD7400 per month + Medical Insurance + Allowance

Participate in the design and implementation of the data science strategy
Participate proactively in the design strategy in terms of technological choices, implementation of platforms & definition of priority subjects. Identify, evaluate and select good practices and tools concerning data science.

Share her/his know-how in data science (data models, programming, statistics, machine learning, analysis and visualization of structured and unstructured data, etc.) with technical teams involved in data analytics activities
Identify the needs of the technical departments in terms of analysis and visualization of structured and/or unstructured data through big data and/or data mining approaches.
Suggest pilots to be carried out in collaboration with technical departments.
Manage data science pilots (big data and / or data mining), MVP or UC in coordination with technical departments.
Support the transition to project/UC mode & support the implementation and deployment at scale of big data and/or data mining solutions.

Monitor big data and data mining methods and technologies
Monitor new methods as well as software and hardware technologies and technological trends.
Participate in the development of partnerships to develop solutions and/or methods.

Promote data science
Document and capitalize on data science solutions implemented as part of pilots, MVPs and UCs.
Identify data science solutions that can be scaled up and promote them.
Share her/his know-how with the technical departments.
Ensure and promote the adoption by the users of the concepts and possibilities provided by data science within the technical departments

Manage relationships with internal and external vendors for data science
Ensure and develop relations with vendors (software/technological vendors and consulting firms) related to data science matters. Participate in the negotiations of the services and maintenance contracts with data science vendors.
Control and ensure compliance with contractual rules, deadlines and costs.
Supervise external services provided, control results and costs and provide feedbacks/return of experience upon jobs completions.

Use Cases: Communication
Provide feedback in sprint reviews, to the Product Owners (PO), Scrums and DPG Head of Product Owners.
Propose and animate communication related to data science in coordination with data management groups (IS and Technical dpts).

Use Cases: Execution
Supervise and provide guidance for the execution of the data analytics/science scopes of POC, MVP and/or UCs
Coordinate with the Head of Product Owners, PO and scrums in case of any issues & contribute proactively to their resolution.
Be the DPG focal point for data strategy & governance, liaise and coordinate with the consulting firm, IS and the business entities, report progress/issues and propose corrective actions as required in this field to the Head of Product Owners and DPG Manager.