Temporary Work at Home – Customer Service (Help Desk) (WAH2015.03.23OKC) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Salary: USD10 - USD10 per hour

URGENT! Work From Your Home- $10/hr plus $2/hr completion bonus if you work all assigned hours

Looking to earn some additional income quickly? We have a short term Work at Home – Customer Service (Help Desk) position available supporting the #1 best selling tax software in the US! Unlimited overtime available! The next step in the process is to fill out the online application at www.directch.com/manpowerintuit?source=JMBB

Opportunities for permanent positions are possible when this assignment is finished!


Pay:$10/hour + $2/hour completion bonus if you work all assigned hours

For example, if you work 100 hours during the 2 week project, you will earn $1200

Must work April 15th!




Equipment Requirements:

  • Broadband Internet - reliable, high-speed, hard-wired, bi-directional.
    • DSL or Cable (no wireless or satellite connections).
  •         Analog landline - dedicate for your use while working, and that you can use while also accessing the Internet. Please note that this phone line will not be available for personal / household use during your shift hours.  Must be one of the following:
  •         Cable – phone service from a Cable TV service provider (without a modem)
  •  VoIP phones (Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, MagicJack, etc.) are NOT acceptable.  Phone is attached to a modem is considered VOIP .
  • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or sometimes called PSTN – traditional landline phone service using a dedicated copper pair to the home
  • Fiber-Optic – phone line provided by a local phone service.
  • Telephone - corded, traditional telephone.
    • No cordless, cellular / wireless or VoIP phones (Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, etc.)
    • Must have a “mute” button
  • Headseteither plug directly into your telephone base or take the place of your telephone and plug directly into your telephone line (wall jack).
    • Minimum requirements: Hands-free, Corded

Work at Home Agent


  •        Provide customer support to clients via phone, email or web channels
  •        Learn and become knowledgeable of client’s products or services
  •        Accurately log all interactions via established business process and tools
  •        Provide prompt, reliable and accurate information to customers while adjusting to the pace of the caller
  •        Demonstrate ability to identify solutions based on established processes and procedures
  •        Demonstrate effective soft skills, active listening, and ability to empathize with the customer’s situation
  •        Act with sensitivity in all customer interactions
  •        Effectively manage length of calls / handle time
  •        Display effective time management skills
  •        Promote teamwork and contact center success