QHSE Engineer - Island Development Project (MPH-QHSE0001) Manama, Bahrain

Job Description: QHSE Engineer

  1. Review the contract documents for each Marine Construction Package in respect of QA/QC requirements and procedures and advise the Resident Engineer of any deficiency.
  2. Review QA/QC site organization, key personnel CV's as submitted by the contractors and advise the Resident Engineer of any comments.
  3. Conduct and/or participate in company/manager quality or technical compliance audits for contractor, sub-contractor or suppliers.
  4. Review QA/QC procedures and document control as submitted by contractor and its sub-contractor or suppliers. Furthermore, ensure implementation is in compliance with Contract requirements.
  5. Review inspection, test, plans as submitted by contractor and any subcontractors or suppliers. Furthermore, ensure compliance with Contract requirements.
  6. Attend all activities on site and ensure their compliance with QA/QC procedure in respect of the format signed off by Contractor's QA/QC Manager.
  7. Ensure traceability of all materials and equipment from purchasing and up to delivery on site.
  8. Check all materials and equipment as delivered on site and ensure its compliance with approved materials and specifications.
  9. Closely monitor Site activities, fully coordinate with PMC discipline engineers, on a daily basis issuing NCR's in case of non-compliance and reporting to Resident Engineer in case of shortage of skilled labourers and/or Site supervision staff.
  10. Participate with PMC staff in reviewing the Close Out Report as submitted by contractors.
  11. Coordinate with all disciplines/contractors for QA/QC and attend Weekly Progress Meetings.
  12. Critically review contractors' health and safety plans to make sure they are comprehensive and tailored for the particular site, type of works, plant, etc.
  13. Monitor and make sure all contractors, sub-contractors, engineers and visitors comply with the safety requirements on site.
  14. Site environmental monitoring.
  15. Monitor the contractors' activities to ensure that they comply to the requirements of the MoE.
  16. Responsible for emergency evacuation plan.
  17. Responsible for first aid.
  18. Proactive approach to prevent/mitigate risk of accidents.


Note: The role is approximately 70% Quality and 30% HSE.