IT System Administrator (AT-01-004) Austria

IT System Administrator

Location: Weibern, Austria


Summarize the primary purpose & key accountabilities of the position, including scope of responsibility in 5-7 concise sentences. (i.e. Global vs. Country/Region) It may be helpful to complete this section after you have finished the other sections of the document.

As IT system administrator you take care of the internal IT infrastructure including servers, VMs, network, Active Directory, domains, VOIP, mobile telephony and storage. You will work independently on IT tickets and help employees by solving any IT problems they may have. When hiring new employees, you take care of onboarding them, including setting up the workstation, creating all necessary accounts and assigning rights and policies. You keep the IT infrastructure up-to-date and test, install and roll out updates on all servers and clients.



In order of importance, list the primary responsibilities critical to the performance of the position. It is recommended not to list actual tasks but focus on essential responsibilities that highlight accountability and level of judgment required.

  • Independent handling of tickets
  • Reproduction, analysis and documentation of support cases
  • Participation in the design of the IT infrastructure
  • Independent implementation of IT projects
  • Setting up and maintenance of workstations
  • Maintenance and manage the IT asset platform
  • 1-3 level IT support for employees





Indicate the formal education, certification or license required and/or preferred. Include the minimum number of years of relevant experience required for the position (where legally permissible).


 ·         Level of Education and Qualifications:

o    Completed technical education in the field of IT, network technology

·         Languages:

o    German as well as fluency in spoken and written English are must.


Knowledge, Skills, Ability Requirements:

Indicate the knowledge, skills and abilties required and/or preferred, as applicable.

  • Good knowledge in Microsoft operating systems (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016)
  • Good knowledge in Linux operating systems (Debian, RHEL)
  • Good knowledge in scripting (Powershell, Bash)
  • Familiar with Docker and/or RedHat OpenShift
  • Solution-oriented, organized and analytical thinking
  • Independent working methods and problem-solving competence
  • Structured way of working, specially at analyzing problems