Construction Equipment Technician (JPMMemphisFST) Memphis, Tennessee

Salary: USD20 - USD30 per hour

Construction Equipment Technician


A client of ours has just opened an exciting, Construction Equipment Technician position due to growth. Currently we are looking to find an exceptional Construction Equipment Technician to add to their team.

*Our client is unable to provide sponsorship*

Duties and Procedures


  1. You are to perform your duties as Field Service Technician becoming proficient in specialized heavy construction equipment systems: hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, electronic, peripheral diesel, and mechanical.


  1. Repair and maintenance of owned and non-owned equipment, at both the shop and remote locations upon direction.


  1. Responsibilities at the Northeast location are keeping a clean and safe working environment. Report all facility issues to Advisor.


  1. Any parts stocked at the Northeast shop will be as directed by the NC Parts Manager.  Parts facility logistics are to be set up at the direction of NC Parts Manager so that the NC and PA systems can be synchronized together.


  1. Acquire and maintain, at company’s cost, all PPE necessary, including fall protection, safety vests, and head, eye, and ear protection, etc.


  1. All purchases over $100 must go through Advisor or Ops Manager.  There will be no accumulating purchasing.


  1. Retrieve from jobsites all tools and materials.  Inspect and repair all tools and equipment. In particular check for missing guards, damaged electric cord, and proper function of moving parts.  Arrange for outside vendors to perform repairs as warranted.


  1. Perform weekly and monthly inventory reports and analysis of usage.


  1. Work closely with Ops Manager to perform monthly billing for equipment and service.


  1. File comprehensive Service Reports


  1. Read and familiarize yourself with Employee Manual and Safety Manual, including all policies and procedures.


The Company will conduct a performance evaluation approximately 6 months after you begin and thereafter approximately annually as per company schedule.


All facilities are tobacco free.





  1. Keeping open lines of communication between dispatch, the shop and the field is critical so that the company can judiciously communicate with clients. Often the who, what, when, how and why of our communication with a client is a delicate matter and field personnel general do not know all the pieces of the puzzle.  This is why your communication to dispatch is so critical.


  1. Serve as a company goodwill liaison between Ide and our clients, vendors, and landlords.


  1. Be very careful to avoid making any commitments as to prices, schedules, or equipment availability without consulting the Ops Manager first.
  2. You will be issued a company owned cellphone. You agree and acknowledge that you need to be available by phone for after hour contact to respond to client’s emergency issues, and then reported to Service Manager.


  1. Troubleshoot equipment issues with coworkers, clients, and vendors over the phone.


  1. General guideline of critical communication times:


  1. Upon arriving and leaving a satellite shop for the day.  This takes the place of the daily shop planning meeting.
  2. Upon the need to be away from the shop for an extended time period.
  3. Upon arriving at a client’s site each day.
  4. Upon the need to away from client’s site for an extended period of time.
  5. Upon discovering a major snag to your repair or service plan at site
  6. Upon completion of objective at site. Ops Manager will direct you stay on at site or to leave site.
  7. Just before leaving client’s site.



  1. All travel, air or ground, including when and where, will be as directed by the Ops Manager. All flights will be booked by, or as directed by, the Ops Manager. The determination as to whether to drive or fly to a site will be made by the Ops Manager.  The decision as to which airport to fly from or to will be made by the Ops Manager.  


  1. Generally:


  1. If you are directed to a company shop, time starts upon arrival at shop and ends upon leaving shop.
  2. If you are directed to a remote site after starting at a shop, your time and mileage ends either upon arrival at hotel for the night, or at conclusion of work day at remote site, as decided by Ops Manager.
  3. If you are directed to travel by air from your residence, your time starts upon arrival at airport and ends upon return to the airport.
  4. Other travel situations may occur, and you will be directed by the Ops Manager.


  1. When you are directed to drive a company owned vehicle, that vehicle is to be used for work related duties only. Company owned vehicles will be garaged at the nearest shop location unless otherwise specifically directed by the Ops Manager.  You will keep a mileage log of company vehicle usage.


  1. When you are assigned to drive a specific company vehicle, you will be responsible for the care and wellbeing of the vehicle. You will be responsible for care and completeness of any tools that have been designated to that vehicle.


If by mutual agreement, you use your own personal vehicle to perform documented company functions, you will be reimbursed at the current standard I.R.S. mileage rate.  This reimbursement covers all fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs.


Reporting & Dispatch


  1. For clarity and brevity, refer to the following reporting individuals.


Operations (Ops) Manager

Service Manager

Parts Manager



  1. For logistical issues you will report to the Ops Manager.

For technical issues, you will report to the Service Manager.

For NC facility issues, you will report to Ops Manager.

For PA and IL facility issues, you will report to Advisor


  1. Employee will be dispatched to a work station by the Ops Manager. However, for the first 3 to 6 months of continuous employment, your anticipated work station will be mainly the NC shop. Consider this a training period.



  1. After the conclusion of the training period, you can expect to be dispatched out of town a MINIMUM of 80% of the time.  Companies out of town territory includes the Continental US east of the Rocky Mountains, all of Canada, and some portions of Latin America.


  1. Generally, the minimum shop work day will be 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM with a mandatory unpaid 30-minute lunch break. At times you will be directed to work mandatory hours beyond your scheduled hours.


Agree and acknowledge that the company’s service is our hallmark and the company’s schedule is driven by our client’s needs and client’s schedule.  When working on a client’s worksite, you will coordinate your schedule through the Ops Manager to best serve the client.  Agree and acknowledge that many times you will be required to respond and travel on a few hours’ notice or less. 


Subsistence & domicile


  1. Within 1 month of the completion of the training phase of your employment (approx.  3 to 6 months), you will domicile yourself and remain domiciled within 20 miles of the shop PA, or at any other Northeast US location as may designated at the time. Such domicile is at employee cost.


  1. During authorized travel, out of town hotels are paid by company and must not exceed $125.00/day unless authorized in advance. Motels are paid by company issued credit card and must be charged for the room only, no incidentals. Hotel choice will be made by company.  Standard accommodations are 2 employees to 1 hotel room.


  1. During authorized travel, out of town meals are paid by company and must not exceed $65.00/day, cumulative, unless authorized in advance.  All meals must be accompanied by the itemized meal receipt showing no alcohol purchased.




  1. You will possess and maintain a clean driver’s license of a U.S state and will notify the office of any changes (violations) to your license status.


  1. Any motor vehicle violations, whether in your personal or a company vehicle, must be reported to the company.







 Benefits: (Guidelines subject to change year to year)


  1. Health benefits: available after 3 months of continued employment, through the existing company health insurance plan.  Company pays 100% of employee’s premium and 50% of family’s premiums. Dental and Vision coverage are available as an employee paid option.


  1. Other insurances:  Employee is entitled to company paid Long Term Disability Insurance and Life Insurance as per company plan.  Employee paid Short Term Disability Insurance is offered as an employee selected option.


  1. After 1 full year of employment, the employee is eligible to participate in the company 401 (k) retirement plan, at the next open enrollment window of the plan, currently January 1 and July 1


  1. Vacation: After 1 full year of continuous employment, employee is entitled to 2 weeks’ vacation. Vacation time must be requested and granted by Ops manager at least 2 months prior.  Conflicts in vacation requests among employees may result in your requested time denied.  Conflicts in vacation requests are granted in favor of the more senior employee.  In any event, more than 1 week of vacation cannot be taken simultaneously.


After 1 full year of continuous employment, employee is entitled to 5 paid sick days/year.


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