TORPEDO EXPERT (J0000) Saudi Arabia

Electronic filed engineer or equivalent education.
Experience in electronics, electro mechanics, propulsion and pyrotechnics field is required.
Qualified in torpedoes maintenance by Naval Group.

Ten (10) years experience in the torpedo field with at least five (5) years experience in torpedo maintenance management in pyrotechnics base.
Experience may be military or industrial.

Prior to occupancy of this billet, the incumbent must have passed a complete physical and dental examination. Must be able to work in severe environmental conditions, Must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

· He provides assistance for:
o Distribution of the work related to workloads, planning supplies,
o Follow up of safety regulation (update and follow up),
o Follow up of quality (method, assurance, inspection),
o Follow up of the work progress.

· He performs the following tasks:
o Manages the technical assistants of the workshop,
o Defines the work methods and possible improvements,
o Manages practical training,
o Prepares maintenance records and reports,
o Gives advice on change of documentation and Torpedoes evolutions,
o Performs maintenance tests on Torpedoes and associated test bench with RSNF team,
o Ensures the effectiveness of knowledge transfer,
o Other related duties as assigned by the head of the workshop.