ORDNANCE MECHANIC 76/20 MM & 100/40 MM (J0000) Saudi Arabia

High School Scientific field or High Technical College graduate or equivalent education with intensive military or industrial training in weapon systems including specific courses on the maintenance and repair of naval guns and artillery systems.

Twelve (12) years in Shipboard Electronics System including Five (5) years experience as an Ordnance Mechanic, Maintenance experience of at least two (2) years with 100/76 mm
Automatic Naval Guns systems, 40/20 mm Guns and associated equipment (turret assembly, ammunition loading) is required.
Experience may be military or industrial.

Prior to occupancy of this billet, the incumbent must have passed a complete physical and dental examination. Must be able to work in severe environmental conditions, Must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

· Troubleshoots, performs shipboard repair and tests the 100/76 mm Automatic Naval Guns, 40/20 mm Guns and other ordnance related equipment as assigned, identifies and orders parts,
· Removes, overhauls, installs and tests the 100/76 mm Automatic Naval Guns and the 40/20 mm Guns,
· Performs Planned Maintenance as scheduled,
· Disassembles, repairs, adjusts, reassembles and tests the 100/76 mm Automatic Naval Guns and the 40/20 mm Guns equipment components for re-issue,
· Prepares maintenance records and reports,
· Provides technical assistance in areas involving interface or integration of equipment/systems,
· Transfers his knowledge of position related skills, duties and responsibilities to RSNF maintenance technicians through On Job Training,
· Perform other related duties as assigned.