Strong PTW Officer (J0000) Finland

General and technical background expected:

  • Mechanical or Electrical engineer

Skills required:


  • Engineering degree
  • Experience in nuclear power plants Operation
  • Deep knowledge on the EPR technology
  • Experience with work planning in MS Project or better in Primavera
  • Experience with work orders and blockings.
  • Experience with work planning for industrial installations
  • Experience with plant management systems
  • Ability to work on the different process diagram, isometrics, preparation of solution and support for inventories in the field
  • General understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and measurement/instrumentation technology
  • General understanding in electrical technology
  • Computer literacy in MS-Office



  • Ability to use the different project data bases, software etc.


  • Working experience in Permit to Work Offices of nuclear power plants

Languages (Level):    

  • English (fluent)
  • Ability with French, German or Finnish would be a plus.

Scope (including main skills):

  • The strong PTW Office is the team located in the PTW office beside the main control room.

Tasks of the Strong PTW Team:

  • Follow up of the 3 day’s program for all tasks on the site
  • Release of all work orders
  • Organization of the execution and normalization of blockings
  • Organization of the execution of periodic tests
  • Supervision of the plant status in relation on needed and available systems
  • Online trouble shooting – solving of conflicts between different tasks
  • Inform the main control room about all activities


Normal PTW tasks:

  • Technical clarification of work orders / Permits to test and creation and validation of blockings / simulations.
  • Planning of works / tests from work order creation, via blocking creation, work execution up to finalization of works/tests
  • Management of the interfaces of the different departments for all kind of works
  • Release of all work orders
  • Organization of the execution and normalization of blockings


Expected Deliverables:


  • Validated work orders and blockings
  • Carried out blockings
  • Work programs


Interfaces With:


  • Shift supervisor and other shift team members
  • OIO manager
  • Plant status management
  • PTW Office manager
  • Other PTW Officers
  • Commissioning Engineers