Design Office Technician - General Installation Piping (05/07/2024) Pau, France

We are looking for Design Office Technician - General Installation Piping for one of our clients with the following details:

Location: Pau, France

Start Date: ASAP

Contract Duration:  6 months

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Have at least 5 years' experience in studies and 3D modeling in general installation with past experience in:
  • Greenfield and Brown Field Petrochemical Facility
  • Detailed studies.
  • Have the ability to use documentation in English (Customer specification, supplier documents, project documents),
  • Have knowledge of the use of point clouds in design studies,
  • Master the E3D3 Equipment, piping & support software with complete autonomy,
  • French Language Mandatory.


  • Apply the project documentation provided by the company and allowing the design of the installation such as standards, work procedures, design philosophies, P&ID's.
  • Follow the working methods and in particular the use of laser surveys for revamping projects.
  • Model equipment based on data from suppliers or analogy plans,
  • Carry out equipment layout studies taking into account process, safety, access and maintenance constraints.
  • Carry out layout studies and modeling of pipe routing, taking into account the constraints of space organization, component handling, support constraints and data from flexibility analyses.
  • Particular care must be taken in the studies of connection points on existing networks.
  • Model pipe supports according to established standards and best practices.
  • Model the items necessary for the expression of TIG needs and the management of interfaces with the structure and civil engineering.
  • Maintain a working P&ID's with the feedback induced by the piping studies and make it available at key moments for general consolidation.
  • Extract isometrics from the 3D model and verify them according to the procedure applicable to the project.
  • Report problems related to 3D software catalogs, interferences or any other inconsistencies or errors found according to his experience with industrial installations.
  • Participate in the definition of interfaces with other trades such as structure, safety, process or civil engineering for onshore installations.
  • Validate the modeling during internal model reviews initiated by the lead or by the designer himself.
  • Produce regular reports on its activities, its project manager and the head of the TIG department.
  • Use point clouds in 3D Design Studies.

If Interested Kindly apply.