SPS Shallow Water Wellhead and Xmas Tree System Lead Engineer (12/02/2024) Paris, France

We are looking for a SPS Shallow Water Wellhead and Xmas Tree System Lead Engineer for one of our clients with the following details:

Location: France / Paris

Start Date: 01 - Apr – 2024

Contract Duration: 12 months

Renewable: Yes (up to 5 years after SPS package contract award)

Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Qualification: High experience and technical expertise in SPS engineering and installation activities
  • Languages: English and French
  • Professional Experience: At least 20 years
  • Experience within project: At least 15 years


As SPS Shallow Water Wellhead and Xmas Tree System Lead Engineer of the project subsea package, the services holder shall:

  • Adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regard to H3SE, implement H3SE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility and to comply with H3SE training requirements for the position.
  • Adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behavior about the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy and promote and enforce the Anti-Corruption Program in force.
  • The services holder is in charge, within the SPS Package, of all activities related to Shallow Water Well Construction, Completion and Intervention including, Wellhead Running, Tubing Hanger Mode, Tree Installation by wire and Intervention Mode with Jack Up Drilling and/or Shallow Water Drilling Technology.
  • He will be, together with Main SPS Xmas Tree System Lead Engineer, the Company technical authority for this Shallow Water System/Discipline (Well Intervention). The services holder organizes, supervises, controls and coordinates the works relative to the discipline as well as works and relevant studies performed by the Contractor(s) for whom he is the contact point.
  • The services holder shall also ensure that all engineering interfaces with other concerned disciplines or packages (e.g.Shallow Water Drilling, Completion and Well Intervention) are dully dealt with and managed and shall take part to their management.
  • The services holder is also responsible for validating the interface and compatibility of SPS Contractor’s proposed equipment, identifying possible additional items, such as Xovers, Adaptors etc, relevant further project verification tests and qualification status of the Shallow Water Well Intervention and Tree by Wire Systems (procedure / program / report).
  • The services holder shall have knowledge of the Jack Up operations and manage interfaces to adapt an SPS deep water system to shallow water operations, including also fishing protection design, fabrication and installation.
  • Beside the well construction/completion interface, all other shallow water SPS equipment shallow water feature such as SDU, Umbilicals Terminations, flying leads and relevant fishing protection design and operation.
  • Participate to project reviews as requested by the company referential (PR, DER, CSPP...).
  • Ensure safe working practices are used within the team along all phases of project
  • Ensure confidentiality of all the SPS documentation produced (whatever its support)
  • Gather ‘lessons learnt’ and provide feedback to other company entities as required and participate to GPI / Project close-out activities / report Participate to project reviews as requested by the company’s referential (PR, DER, CSPP...).

If Interested Kindly apply.