SPS Quality Control Engineer (03/04/2024) Leeds, Alabama

We are looking for an SPS Quality Control Engineer for one of our clients with the following details:  

Start Date: 01/05/2024

Duration: 1 year

Service Location: SPS Contractor’s office (Leeds, UK)

Technical Requirements

  • Advanced expertise in Oil & Gas Industry with large scale projects & complex environment, with proven experience in similar activities.
  • Knowledge of welding and NDT
  • Knowledge of metallurgy
  • Rigorous and organized approach to task completion
  • Practical, problem solving and solution driven approach to task completion.

Tasks to be performed.


  • Demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regards to HSE, ensure his team masters the required HSE competencies
  • Implement HSE requirements within his area of responsibility.



  • Support and enforce the Project Quality Management System and the Quality Management System of the Package. To promote the Project Quality Policy and Objectives.
  • Coordinate the Package QC activities to ensure that SPS contractor Quality activities are planned and performed in accordance with Project requirements and Criticality Assessment/Surveillance Plan.
  • Assistance in the development of a Package Surveillance program covering Contractors and Suppliers in coordination with SPS Quality Lead, Project Quality Manager and discipline leaders.
  • Assistance in the development of the Package Surveillance Plan and the associated organization and means.
  • Assist the SPS Quality Lead in anticipating and planning of Surveillance resources and availability of necessary inspection/surveillance tools for performance of SPS Package surveillance activities.
  • Coordinate the activities of Package Quality surveillance and of the SPS Package QC supervisors, to monitor the performance of QC activities by SPS contractors, Suppliers and Vendors.
  • Prepare the Surveillance service orders and help manage the inspection services contract for the Package. Validate and sign then the related services time sheets.
  • Assistance in the development of SPS Package QC procedures/specifications/instructions
  • Inform the SPS Quality Lead of the need of Project QMS changes (Plans, procedures...).
  • Review SPS contractor's PO's to verify that QC contractual requirements are satisfactory considered, participate when needed to KOM and PPM with subcontractors and vendors, and to specifically remind the Contractual commitments and Company expectations with regards to Quality Control.

Assistance in the review and approval the Contractor's Quality Control plans and Inspection and Test Plans to:

  • verify that Contractor QC program is in line with the Company expectations and requirements,
  • ensure that surveillance activities are planned in accordance with said procedures/plans and that Contactor QC surveillance/inspection is planned as agreed,
  • ensure that 3rd party surveillance activities are satisfactory considered,
  • mark up Inspection and Test Plans with Company surveillance points, with specific focus on Hold points.
  • Review inspection reports and other quality records and deliverables issued by SPS contractor on completed works and activities. To sign when needed Quality records on behalf of COMPANY.
  • Ensure that Material traceability requirements are properly implemented and to perform random PMI checks.
  • Use visits to worksites to liaise with resident project personnel, and to review any QC problems or reported difficulties.
  • Monitor the Company items management in liaison with the interface engineer.
  • Monitor the implementation of approved changes (Change orders and Derogations).
  • Review and assess the SPS contractor Non-Conformance reports (NCRs) and dispositions.
  • Ensure proper root cause analysis of Contractor Quality failures is undertaken, and conclusions are reached, and corrective actions undertaken.
  • Follow-up and track the Correctives Action Requests (CARs) and NCRs.
  • Analyze and resolve issues and problems highlighted during the quality surveillance/ QC activities. To follow and expedite the remedial actions from finding and observations during the Quality Audits or other Quality surveillance/QC activities.
  • Interface with Certifying Authority for Contractor/Supplier assessment of conformity. To ensure that certification requirements are fully implemented
  • Ensure a progressive review and compilation of As-Built and Final documentation
  • Participate to regular Quality reviews and meetings with Contractor, to review quality KPI'S, improvement efforts, quality issues/failures, NCR trends, etc.
  • Ensure confidentiality of all the documentation issued under his area of responsibility.

Team Management:

  • Coordinate all the activities of the SPS QC team by informing, supporting, and directing personnel in their roles, responsibilities, and objectives.
  • Promote good relationship between Contractors and SPS Project QC team, with a scheme as integrated as possible.


  • To monitor and review the regular reporting issued by the package QC inspectors, ensure adequate and timely reporting to SPS Quality Lead and Quality Manager.
  • To populate the Surveillance reporting system enabling reactivity in the management of Surveillance issues. To maintain the Package Quality records and monitoring registers.
  • To raise weekly & monthly status reports to SPS Quality Lead and Project Quality Manager on quality activities. To maintain and monitor the Package Quality indicators (KPI's).

If Interested Kindly apply.