PSM Mechanical Planning Engineer - NSSS (nuclear) (456783) Finland

Expected duration till Feruary 2022 

Benefits: provided

Plant Status Management PSM Engineer for Planning and Coordination of all mechanical activities in the Plant, especially NSSS
General and technical background expected:

  • Chemical, Process or Nuclear Engineer
  • Expertise in mechanical and fluid system design and/or commissioning and/or maintenance
  • Overall knowledge about the PWR mechanical and I&C systems
  • Solid knowledge of nuclear steam supply systems (primary and secondary side systems and adjacent)
  • Operation, Maintenance or Commissioning experience

Required consent as foreseen:

  • To work in controlled area (radiation protection): YES
  • To work in shift/rotation: YES

Skills required:

  • Team player
  • Chairing of meetings


  • Work planning
  • PTW experience

He reports to the PSM Planning Manager

  • Gathering of all tasks from Commissioning, Construction, Maintenance, Operation
  • Assess the impact of the activity on the other branches
  • Check that the activities from all entities fit together in the time schedule
  • Secure the not violation of the technical specifications
  • Propose/define changes in the planning sequences in order to
  • Fulfil the technical specifications

Get a more appropriate sequence for the project progress

  • Harmonize the mechanical activities with the electrical and the I&C activities
  • Looking in the future to detect and remove obstacles in time.
  • Deliver the final mechanical level 1 and level 2 schedules for the project – schedule owner for level 1 and level 2
  • Organize the PTW activities in order to fulfil the schedule
  • Lead the meetings with the representatives from all disciplines
  • Regular reporting about the schedule and plant progress


  • Integrated master schedule in Primavera
  • CMS – WO/BLO tool