Network Development (JO015032) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Transmission & Distribution 


Technical and Operational Excellence


To manage the network development and architecture for the Transmission and Distribution Business Line (BL) that would enable the BL to pursue opportunities for optimization of performance and achieve operational excellence and target strategic objectives.

Job Specific Accountabilities

Network Strategy

  • Manage the development of an integrated network architecture, pipeline surveillance plans, routes and frequencies to ensure the safety and security of the entire transmission and distribution network.
  • Oversee design and implementation of the physical asset lifecycle strategy including network optimization, planning, maintenance /improvement, and quality control and analysis of system equipment, to ensure a comprehensive and long-term lifecycle and growth opportunity.
  • Direct the development and administration of continuous network improvement plans and projects to enhance work process efficiency.
  • Manage the identification of cost reduction opportunities within the operational expenditure and maintenance costs of the network through reviewing processes against approved budget and reconciling variances to ensure on-target performance, work output quality and standards to increase efficiency and business profitability.

Network Planning & Design

  • Plan and lead network development initiatives to ensure their effective and successful implementation in line with the overall strategy.
  • Direct all field operations related to commissioning of new pipelines and equipment as well as decommissioning/recommissioning activities during both planned projects and emergency situations.
  • Manage and coordinate the operation of all transmission pipelines, block valves, metering facilities, and other equipment throughout the Transmission and Distribution Network and facilities.
  • Monitor and record any abnormalities while conducting routine network checks and verifications and ensure timely reporting to Maintenance to update raise notification and facilitate prompt corrective action.
  • Act as Business Line representative during, negotiations, review and management of operating and cost sharing protocols and agreements with other pipeline operating companies.
  • Ensure that all activities in the department comply with all relevant health, safety and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls.

Technical Governance

  • Manage the identification and setting standards of operational excellence to maximize the safe and reliable performance of company assets in the transmission and distribution business line.
  • Provide technical support to the BL for any operations or network related issue that would enhance the BL’s performance.
  • Manage external contacts with other Pipeline Operators third party contractors, oil field security personnel and municipality and transmission and distribution customers with highest standards of business ethics, whilst promptly attending to all critical issues in-order to ensure the services required by the organization are delivered in the most effective manner.
  • Manage the process of mapping out a technology roadmap for technological evolution and migration in line with global technology trends.
  • Ensure that contractor’s adherence to legal terms and conditions, clear timelines, SLAs and HSE policies and quality standards, and maintain effective governance and communication to support the successful delivery of projects while supporting risk mitigation.

Minimum Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in process engineering or any related field.

Minimum Experience

  • 10 years of relevant experience in management of gas network operations