Nuclear Engineer (JO015032) Mersin, Turkey

Terms & Conditions:

Duration: minimum 5 years

Location: Akkuyu, Mersin, Turkey

Accomodation and meals: provided



Take knowledge of relevant regulatory and technical requirements (e.g. IAEA recommendations, Licensing Basis, Preliminary Safety Analysis Report, technical specifications for equipment) focusing on nuclear aspects
• Investigate and identify relevant information in documentation about nuclear safety and other nuclear topics then relay and spread this information within client NCIO Team
• Provide general trainings to client NCIO Team members and specific trainings to inspectors in the field of nuclear topics, adapting the content considering the current state of construction and installation activities on site
• Provide specific trainings about IAEA Guidelines on the basis of prior analysis of existing IAEA documentation relevant to the project
• Participate to the definition of client NCIO Graded Approach and support the deployment of this approach within the inspection team
• Help the inspection team to assess the defaults, deviations and non-conformities in order to identify impact on SSC important for nuclear safety and provide justifications
• Propose actions for developing Nuclear Safety Culture in client NCIO Project then support the implementation of such actions

• Fluent in English – read, spoken and written
• Fluent in Turkish – read, spoken and written
• Knowledge in Russian reading will be a plus
• Microsoft Office software (professional use)
• Good knowledge of nuclear topics including Nuclear Safety
• Knowledge of the IAEA Guidelines (will be a plus)

• University diploma in nuclear engineering (High school +5 years as a minimum)
• Nuclear safety specialty (will be a plus)

• Significant experience in nuclear project or other activities related to nuclear field including nuclear safety
• Experience in construction project of nuclear installation (will be a plus)
• Experience in teaching (will be a plus)

(Specific certifications required, other trainings that could be a plus…)
• Training on IAEA guidelines (will be a plus)