Waste Systems Commissioning Engineer (JO015187) Bristol, England

The production and/or surveillance of a set of deliverables. As far as practicable, it will be striven to assign to a given team member the entire documentation related a system to increase deep understanding of the system functions or operating modes.

Following items make up the scope of deliverables:
Plat-form Test Procedure (PTP) and its related study file aiming at validating I&C functions at test bay for the operational control system (SPPA-T2000 S7) Sufficiency Analysis Note (SAN) and its related study file demonstrating the proper test coverage of the safety functions assigned to a system
System Commissioning Programme (SCP) and its related study file Commissioning Procedures (CP) and its related study file

Such activities are based on design documentation, Edvance engineering methods, standards and processes as well as commissioning documentation and feedback from other EPRs.
In an attempt to depict the main steps of the delivery process, following breakdown is proposed (without being exhaustive):
1. Preparatory phase

  • Confirm the project data & internal organization with the discipline Lead (budget, time schedule, author checker approver)
  • Identify the relevant stakeholders and means
  • Check the maturity of the input data against RC2 CS2 configuration and/or upcoming changes
  • Collect OPEX
  • Record risks in the related register and propose mitigation plan, if any Arrange pre-job brief / kick-off meeting
  • Open the study file

2. Execution phase

  • Produce the deliverables in compliance with Edvance engineering procedures and taking into account OPEX from other EPR projects
  • Get the deliverables checked by the relevant parties resolve outstanding issues and comments
  • Survey commissioning deliverables elaborated by others (e.g. contractors) with respect to project standards
  • Feed the study file as tasks evolve
  • Support I&C function tests (PTP) at test bay (France) including test result assessment

3. Monitoring phase

  • Report progress towards initial time schedule & budget Update risk register on a need basis

4. Close out phase

  • Get approval of the deliverables by the relevant parties without comments (PTP, SAN, SCP and CP)
  • Issue the PTP related test reports demonstrating the expected I&C function test coverage
  • Store both the above mentioned deliverables and associated study files in the EDMS