Classroom Instructor (Nuclear) (257444) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Instruction Require SRO Operation Instructors to support the delivery of the scope of the Certified Operator Pipeline project as part of one of the critical work streams of the Operational Readiness Control Center (ORCC). SRO Operation Instructors (2 Classroom Instructors) are required to supplement the operation training department in the development and implementation of the Certified Operator training items including but not limited to the following:
•Developing BNPP Accelerated ISC Systems classroom lesson plans.
•Executing the Systematic Approach to Training process IAW BNPP procedures and policies.
•Presenting classroom topics IAW BNPP Certified Operator Training Program Procedures.

Stakeholder Engagement
Facilitate communications both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually
beneficial working relationships.

Academic Qualification and Experience
Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent with 3 years nuclear power plant experience.
Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering or other scientific disciplines with 5 years ‘Nuclear
operations training’ specifically.

Professional Certifications
Minimum - Currently or previously qualified as an operations Instructor and currently or previously qualified
licensed or certified SRO.
Preferred - Meet minimum requirements with INPO Instructor Certificate.