Nuclear Safety & Licensing Engineer (5566595) Finland

The main task consists in writing PSAR chapter with respect to requirements of Finnish nuclear regulator (STUK) and in particular with respect to nuclear safety rules while ensuring a high level of quality. The traceability of the safety and functional requirements (ADLAS tool) shall be considered. In addition, a particular attention shall be paid to the schedule. 

The regulatory framework applicable :

  • Regulations of Finland and EU
  • IAEA Nuclear Safety Series documents
  • Nuclear Safety regulations in Russian Federation (incl. GOST, SNiP, …)

Bulleted list of key responsibilities. Focus on those that provide an indication of the scope and impact of the role.

  • Review of the documentation (input data folder provided by Customer) and identification of any clarifications required,
  • Production of a list of comments with a risk assessment linked to each comment with respect to its acceptance by STUK, and giving, where possible, recommendations,
  • Redaction of PSAR chapters with respect to the Finnish requirements,
  • Submission and review of PSAR chapter with PLP team to validate the quality of the document and to ensure its compliance with Customer expectations,
  • Update the documentation with respect to the above review for issuance of PSAR “Finnish version”, which to be submitted to Fennovoima,
  • Provides day-to-day coordination,
  • Supports regulatory gap analyses and regulatory framework development and implementation,
  • Participate in coordination meetings,
  • Closely follow up on agreed actions plan,
  • Bring best practice from a range of nuclear licenses.


  • Senior profile in a nuclear construction organization,
  • Safety analysis and assessment, e.g.: classification & qualification requirements with respect to safety functions and items important to safety, radiological consequences studies, internal and external hazards studies including definition of the load case, determination of PIE’s (postulated initiating events) and DBA’s (design basis=accidents), statistical setpoint studies,
  • Technical experts in VVER technology,
  • Able to develop quickly strong relationships with the team and understand local cultures,
  • Have a master degree in Engineering. A degree in Nuclear Science constitutes a further asset,
  • Experience in nuclear, general nuclear safety approach, general nuclear licensing knowledge or one of the above mentioned domains constitute further assets (but the position is also open for junior profiles with less experience),
  • Have good knowledge of Finnish and EU regulations, Russian’s is an advantage,
  • Have a critical and inquiring mind, you are dynamic, rigorous and pragmatic,
  • Able to write position papers and synthesis reports; able to write clear safety positions and argumentation,
  • Have the capacity to assume responsibilities and to take initiatives,
  • Able to work autonomously,
  • High level of English (writing) is mandatory,
  • Profile in C&I is preferable